WiFi available on all Mainland Aircraft

PDE, Personal Device Entertainment:

Download the United App and click on entertainment:
- All 319, 320, 744,  Ex ATA/TZ 753s, 2 Class 763s, Domestic 772s, 77W, 788 and 789,aircraft
- Former GUM 73G and 738, Ex Copa 73G, 738 aircraft number 3532 and up, 739 #3466-3479 & 3801 and up 
- Select 763 2 class, 764, 772, and Intl 752 (all to receive)  

Direct TV:
The service is complimentary in United First® and is available for purchase in United Economy® and United Economy Plus® cabins for $5.99 for flights less than two hours and $7.99 for flights over two hours. With more than 100 channels of live television plus recorded programming such as premium movies, sitcoms, dramas and more, you'll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your flight.
- Pre-merger CO fleet: All Domestic 73Gs, Majority of Domestic 73G/738/739 and non-TZ 753s  

AVOD (Audio Video On Demand):
You can start, stop, pause, or rewind your movies and music. We offer up to 150 movies, 185 television shows, thousands of songs, 20 interactive video games, and even opportunities to learn languages during your flight.
- Pre-merger CO aircraft: All 752, 764, All 772, 787-8, 787-9
- Pre-merger UA aircraft: 752 ps, 744 First/Business only, 2 Class 763, First/Business 763 3 Class, IPTE 772 
- 77W

8-9 channels of sitcoms or movies. They change in different directions, and you can see what is playing this month on united.com
- Pre-merger UA aircraft: 3 Class 763 Economy/Economy Plus
- Guam 738s and 73Gs