not just pushing around a piece of wood with wheels

more than just a way to have fun

most definitely not a crime

it’s a way of life for skaters everywhere


doesn’t matter what wheels you have

what trucks, grip tape, bearings, or hardware

not even how your deck is branded

only the commitment you give


to skate is to be one of us

we are brothers and sisters

we are family united by the board

lending a hand in anything

from changing grip tape to moving across town

your skate family has your back


with so much passion invested

where do we go when our first love is forbidden?

viewed as villains—all skaters—partners in crime

judged by clothes we wear and how we look

rules are rules but are they just?

in a small town where we have no place to call home


nowhere to go, nowhere to belong

we must skate these streets, always on the run

why can’t every day be June 21?

when our love can be requited

our skating may be halted