Ban #PuppyMills #AdoptDontShop! 3 Ban #PuppyMills #AdoptDontShop! 3 million dogs/cats euthanized by shelters every year in U.S. > 50% r purebred pic.twitter.com/I2oRscptvu


SHOCKING>Humane Society estimates 10,000 #PuppyMills in U.S. (licensed & unlicensed) bit.ly/JFQr4O pic.twitter.com/F3JgjBvUxs


CRISIS>1,055,435 estimated # of puppies produced by USDA Licensed #PuppyMills EACH YEAR-How many from unlicensed? pic.twitter.com/yCoyyGeEkt


IMAGINE > Captivity, misery, exploitation - when nolonger reproducing, they are killed! Say NO 2 #PuppyMills! pic.twitter.com/tIll4ULWGm


OUTRAGEOUS>Living conditions in these #PuppyMills deplorable - help us expose these atrocities! #AdoptDontShop pic.twitter.com/k7kOnnOR6P


NEVER doubt that a small group of thoughtful/committed citizens can change the world #PuppyMills #AdoptDontShop pic.twitter.com/s3PGKqhd3F


WE MUST ACT NOW! Please be the voice for the voiceless -let's put a stop to #PuppyMills!AdoptDontShop! pic.twitter.com/VnUgjkWTvs


Life in a cage is NO life>Dogs/Cats need 2 exercise,socialize & get regular vet care! #PuppyMills #AdoptDontShop  pic.twitter.com/F3JgjBvUxs


GREED> Owners of #PuppyMills - there should be NO profit on the SUFFERING of the innocent, shut these places down pic.twitter.com/qIcjpyfwTf


Please make adoption your first option>purebred dogs end up in shelters too! Avoid #PuppyMills #AdoptDontShop pic.twitter.com/VHD2mFSJKt


UNACCEPTABLE! 21 states have NO laws regulating commercial dog breeders-why NO regulations? Ban #PuppyMills  pic.twitter.com/P7FE25lHcV


Don't support #PuppyMills - Educate yourselves on the abuse & torture these animals endure! pic.twitter.com/HwGYS1SaD2 http://ctt.ec/ehvgu


Horrible > #PuppyMills Exposed>don't be fooled by a #USDA license & registration papers! http://bit.ly/237fbbl  pic.twitter.com/5Y8wjMLXcc


.@USDA The Horrible Hundred #PuppyMills >Dead/dying puppies, gaping wounds/infections, dogs living outside! bit.ly/1Rt3qI0


Our Hero Dog Harley testified during a CongressionalBriefing on Capitol Hill to bring awareness 2 #PuppyMills pic.twitter.com/nbfJFS26R5


Just because > #PuppyMills licensed doesn't mean current #USDA inspection. #AdoptDontShop bit.ly/1VRRXRB pic.twitter.com/zFBCxMjaAA


Puppies from #PuppyMills often arrive in pet stores & their new homes w/diseases or infirmities - no vet check! pic.twitter.com/4nINZT3Ct5


Dogs bred w/o consideration of genetic quality=generations of dogs with unchecked hereditary defects. #PuppyMills pic.twitter.com/4nINZT3Ct5



Puppies born in #PuppyMills are typically removed from their litter mates and mothers at just 6 weeks of age. pic.twitter.com/bkHuCpS9er


FAILED by the #USDA! Dogs are NOT livestock - they are man's best friend & deserve proper care! #PuppyMills! pic.twitter.com/LYWNMJO267


.@USDA @DirectorSonny >URGENT STRONG ACTION needed 2 stop the torture & abuse at #PuppyMills bit.ly/1VRRXRB pic.twitter.com/IxMccvxsgO


.@USDA > Unacceptable that 2.11 MILLION puppies r sold annually from #PuppyMills that are NOT inspected! pic.twitter.com/k8Nr3HApmS


.@USDA >Cage stacking is unsanitary & causes many health issues. #PuppyMills don'tprovide a health guarantee. pic.twitter.com/QL0JbmKQaT


.@USDA ignores REPEAT violations,waives penalties,ignores inhumane practices #PuppyMills http://bit.ly/1U38zEB pic.twitter.com/ogtFTcgS2m


REGULATIONS from #USDA >minimum 6" of space on both sides of cage is not acceptable for these #PuppyMills dogs! pic.twitter.com/lOSkyejlQc


.@USDA Helping #PuppyMills Breeders-Ignoring Violations - please act NOW> Contact @SecretarySonny (202) 720-2791 pic.twitter.com/Is9BRztZTB


Great tips! 7 Ways U Can Stop #PuppyMills Be an Animal Advocate-A voice 4 the voiceless! http://bit.ly/1Q6iN6f pic.twitter.com/Dc3kUrWyAx


Never buy a teacup dog! They have tiny hearts & lungs, they don't live long #PuppyMills http://thedo.do/1Rt7Yy7 pic.twitter.com/4w2kXBmAkp


Please watch The Dog Whisperer-Cesar Milan's Inside #PuppyMills HD S05E15 #AdoptDontShop http://bit.ly/1Pj1vQ4 pic.twitter.com/Orl7Mb7QRn 


DISHONEST Brokers are supplying these puppies to pet shops - NOT LEGIT BREEDERS! Don't buy from #PuppyMills! pic.twitter.com/QvrjTbmw6q


#AKC-Registered Dogs > approx. 80% of the AKC’s annual income comes from #PuppyMills http://bit.ly/1PyomaL pic.twitter.com/encS2yIJfU


According 2 #AKC site, they “cannot guarantee quality/health of dogs in its registry". http://bit.ly/1PyomaL pic.twitter.com/L6obQBYJVA


#AKC OPPOSED more than 150 laws designed 2 protect #PuppyMills dogs from cruelty http://mills.bit.ly/1OWseWK pic.twitter.com/s6gjZNVbUb


#AKC supports #PuppyMills >more $$$ value than hobby breeders who register fewer puppies http://bit.ly/1P7BDNf pic.twitter.com/LC61132bJK


#AKC ’s Most Popular Breeds Found in #PuppyMills >Some puppy mills specialize in these dogs http://bit.ly/1JRM05i pic.twitter.com/wxJTJSXgVg

.@akcdoglovers @USDA Why minimum standards of care 4 dogs bred 4 commercial sale in #PuppyMills? #AdoptDontShop pic.twitter.com/Q6TMeCKR8Y


The #ASPCA estimates that there could be as many as 10,000 #PuppyMills in the U.S.! http://bit.ly/1OprEPI pic.twitter.com/AROcOSkOs7


Rules enforced by #USDA leave a lot of room 4 dogs to be severely mistreated! #PuppyMills http://bit.ly/1U3p7MG  pic.twitter.com/pDzb9EMEOY


Check out the #PuppyMills list from #ASPCA > see if there is one near you! Shut them down! http://bit.ly/1Oyc8Pn pic.twitter.com/89YNh5QGDy


Please share - help educate children about #PuppyMills! #AdoptDontShop, save a Rescue! http://bit.ly/1UYt6KI pic.twitter.com/5YFXl1kauh


Las Vegas joined 100+ U.S. cities banning the sale of puppies from #PuppyMills in retail http://on.fb.me/1PyK52m  pic.twitter.com/gTtaCmdZQ2


Selling puppies and a PACK OF LIES! Ban #PuppyMills - Watch video! #AdoptDontShop! http://bit.ly/1VlG7ik pic.twitter.com/ve0gdlmb4y


Dog by Dog Movie Trailer - please watch YouTube video! #AdoptDontShop #PuppyMills http://bit.ly/1SigRKa pic.twitter.com/pW4WQOIV3Y

.@akcdoglovers Why do u fight laws designed to stop #PuppyMills? Time to protect these dogs! http://bit.ly/1JDqXhB  pic.twitter.com/GxsSFIT6gZ


Please watch video - the REALITY of #PuppyMills - this is no way to treat these animals! http://bit.ly/22u1hPY  pic.twitter.com/XtZxX4fnDY


Don't be fooled: Internet puppy scammers attract potential buyers with cute photos & phony promises! #PuppyMills pic.twitter.com/Sapn3Z1sAq


Only 15% of people w/ pets in U.S. adopted from shelter/rescue group - don't buy from stores, avoid #PuppyMills pic.twitter.com/7LnhlOYWWw


Encourage local pet stores 2 promote shelter animals 4 adoption instead of dogs from #PuppyMills #AdoptDontShop pic.twitter.com/ovNR2MAmIC


.@USDA Give dogs & cats NEW legal status>declare them as sentient beings NOT livestock #PuppyMills #AdoptDontShop pic.twitter.com/bGSEma1XNQ


All pet stores should replace #PuppyMills animals w/ shelter animals - #AdoptDontShop! http://bit.ly/1SqMhPz pic.twitter.com/SxHwf97iZu


A Nightline investigation into the #PuppyMills of Lancaster County, PA #AdoptDontShop http://bit.ly/1WlF3eW pic.twitter.com/RfIgtYSCO6


Hate #PuppyMills? Do This 2 Take Action Against This Cruel Industry! Please sign and share! http://bit.ly/2sfo19F pic.twitter.com/26BS0Gg8Lj


.@USDA @SecretarySonny BAN #PuppyMills! Stop the Abuse! Please sign and share petition! #AdoptDontShop http://bit.ly/2qC4cbz


We must band together to put an end 2 #puppymills. Do your research before buying from a store! #adoptdontshop pic.twitter.com/FOxEMxmmDP


Recent Rescues Demonstrate the Importance of Continuing the Fight Against #PuppyMills #AdoptDontShop http://bit.ly/2qHiVAV


Massachusetts kennel included in Horrible Hundred 2017: Uncovering U.S. #PuppyMills #AdoptDontShop http://bit.ly/2qCtiqA via @HSUSNews


Dog Who Spent Her Life In A Basement Is So Excited To See The World! She never knew what sun was! #PuppyMills http://thedo.do/2rcBkcy


This Is Where Pet Store Kittens Come From! It's not just #PuppyMills it's Kitty Mills 2! http://thedo.do/1ZuRPHT pic.twitter.com/uiEhe54nSR


Do Kitten Mills REALLY Exist? Yes! Here’s How We Can Help Stop Them! #AdoptDontShop http://bit.ly/1Rv8qft pic.twitter.com/jTxH30lmkS


.@USDA Kitten mills do exist & their conditions are as horrifying as #PuppyMills http://bit.ly/1OYsx3g  pic.twitter.com/O5B4bP7pq7


.@LaraLeaTrump @ please help us save the estimated 112,280 female dogs @ these #PuppyMills!#AdoptDontShop pic.twitter.com/Cch3q27ikp


#PuppyMill bust in GA uncovers 100s of animals in deplorable conditions, no animal should have 2 endure this! http://on.11alive.com/2nNNxUM


Please remember that pet adoption is still your best option! Don't shop...adopt! BAN #PuppyMills! #AdoptDontShop pic.twitter.com/Ua1z7CQjyx


Puppies 'Viewed as Livestock' in Amish Community, Says Rescue Advocate...BAN #PuppyMills http://abcn.ws/1nsBXtG  pic.twitter.com/889gkdZjOT


#PuppyMills dogs debarked by hammer sharp instruments down throats 2 scar vocal cords http://abcn.ws/1nsBXtG pic.twitter.com/YjEdFhpfu6


EXPOSED: TOP 100 Worst #PuppyMills in USA is there one near YOU??? Please check list and take action! http://bit.ly/2rqyph0


Amish #PuppyMills - selling puppies at their markets...this is what you don't see! Take a look behind the scenes! pic.twitter.com/3xX1vx7KXy

Investigation into the underworld of America's overcrowded dog farms-secret shame of the pet industry! #PuppyMills http://rol.st/2j5p6iU


Lancaster, PA, Holmes County, OH, & Shipshewana, IN are home 2 thousands of #PuppyMill dogs who are neglected! pic.twitter.com/Up6oKIvNu9


Amish dog auctions usually have 100-450 dogs of all ages listed for sale from their #PuppyMills. #AdoptDontShop http://bit.ly/2mRvdpF


This is the condition of #PuppyMill dogs abused by Amish & used as commodity - they make money then discard them pic.twitter.com/RYYTauTzCG  


Customers accuse Novi Petland of selling sick dogs & lying about breeds-Stop buying #PuppyMill dogs! #AdoptDontShop http://bit.ly/2rWc0si

Lancaster County, PA - Dogs found shivering in the cold, emaciated dogs found repeatedly...Life in #PuppyMills http://bit.ly/2sp2lad  

58 dogs & 6 puppies were seized from a Putnam County #PuppyMill, woman charged with 47 counts of animal cruelty. http://bit.ly/2rrarlu

The list grows longer each month, there’s no stopping the momentum of city’s banning dogs & cats sold at pets store. http://bit.ly/2qHCVU0

10 signs that your puppy came from #PuppyMills! Do your research before getting a pet! #AdoptDontShop http://bit.ly/2qCyafq

100 Worst #PuppyMills in the U.S. Exposed! .@USDA Restore your animal welfare inspection & enforcement reports! http://bit.ly/2qHVEPp

Learn how to spot greedy puppy mill breeders at http://StopOnlinePuppyMills.org  #PuppyMills #AdoptDontShop 

.@Petland These are the pics that pet stores don't want you to see! USDA licensed #PuppyMills are atrocious! pic.twitter.com/as7uDftmyT


.@Petland These #PuppyMills are fine with the #USDA but they are NOT okay with me! Stop the abuse! #AdoptDontShop pic.twitter.com/eFzQZ0SHCW

.@Petland That cute little puppy in the window came from #PuppyMills - think twice before buying #AdoptDontShop pic.twitter.com/Hc6DVvW38v

.@Petland This is legal according 2 #USDA but this is just appalling! Stuck in tiny cage for LIFE! #PuppyMills pic.twitter.com/zaydgI40Np

.@Petland USDA approved #PuppyMills that U get UR dogs from & conditions these dogs live in! #AdoptDontShop pic.twitter.com/afTY2PVAYd

.@Petland USDA licensed #PuppyMill 😡😡😡think twice before purchasing a dog from pet store! #AdoptDontShop pic.twitter.com/6hyJpyFFDw

Tweet sheet for Speak Up Against #PuppyMills! Please join us in our tweet storm! https://sites.google.com/site/unitedagainstpuppymills/

#TheBarkingBoutique proudly states that they purchase their puppies from USDA licensed #PuppyMills! pic.twitter.com/as7uDftmyT

Is this okay with you #TheBarkingBoutique? It's not okay with ME! #AdoptDontShop #PuppyMills pic.twitter.com/6hyJpyFFDw