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in the last 2 weeks we hosted a couple of parties / took everyone out for a FREE Meal / and we also hosted a FREE meal on Christmas Day / a New Year's Eve Festive Feast ... plus we've distributed over 100 trays of FREE FOOD on the estate

Just what will YOUR New Year look like?
Same old faces? - will it be another year of loneliness and isolation? Will there be any visitors or invitations next year? - or will it be the same as 2019 - left all alone again at Christmas?
The New Year doesn't have to be the same as 2019.
dealing with loneliness at this time of year - click here

Make your New Year's Resolution to join Holme Hall Unite in 2020 - join a winning team
activities several times a week / lots of outings (from as little as £5 !) / regular Lunch Club / best social scene
FREE FOOD ..... 100+ trays distributed
Since Christmas Eve we have distributed HUGE amounts of food around the area (around 100 trays) - all of it courtesy of our friends at Marks & Spencer. 

The stuff has gone everywhere from Woodlands Care Home to the church at Loundsley Green. The Church also received 3 Turkeys! Lots of food has also been issued to individuals. We'd like to thank the whole team at HHU who have been absolutely brilliant, and pulled out all the stops yet again.

We've distributed everything that you can think of - carrots, potatoes, brussel sprouts (obviously !), stir frys, parsnips, broccolli, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, fresh herbs, bread (still warm !), lots of cakes, dips, mince pies, and a lot of fruit (tangerines / oranges / bananas) etc
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2019 .... We Said Goodbye To The Old Year With A BANG! 
To cap off what has been an incredible year for Holme Hall Unite
, we didn't want the year to just fizzle out, we wanted it to go out with a bit of a celebration!

As yesterday (New Year's Eve - December 31st) co-incided with our normal Coffee Morning we decided to have a Festive Feast instead.

However, after the excesses of the last few days we wanted some more "normal" food - so today's Festive Lunch featured Chicken Drumsticks and battered breasts, with Jacket Potatoes with cheese, plus a variety of favourite sandwiches and snacks. And very nice it was too!  

Happy New Year everyone wait till you see what we have planned in 2020
a FREE 3 course Christmas Meal out at a local pub (with drinks included) ....
What a fantastic afternoon - good food, and some very good company too. Our Christmas Lunch Club Special was held on Tuesday 17th December; a fantastic 3 course meal with a coulple of drinks - all provided FREE by our sponsor. Our party all seemed to really enjoy it.

We'd like to thank landlord Gavin and his team for making us feel so welcome. We'll certainly be singing your praises to everyone and you can be sure that it will become a regular on our 2020 Lunch Club visits, you can be absolutely sure of that!

On Wednesday December 18th (and by personal invitation) - some members of the Holme Hall Unite community group attended the annual Christmas Drinks Reception at the Town Hall. 
It was a fantastic turnout for our Christmas Party on Friday last week. The Hub was open from noon till 5pm and we were very busy all day. 

A fabulous buffet (the two different trifles were to die for!)  - thanks to our brilliant team - with so much food left over (including many items that were not even opened) that some people also took home a doggy bag!

With lots of things still to come it is going to be a Christmas that will be remembered by everyone for a long time !
For the Coffee Morning and Social afternoons - just pop along  For any other activity get in touch as there may be restrictions on the numbers attending etc. Contact us on 01246 498080 - or just email us - click here
Holme Hall Unite's legendary Christmas Day Lunch ....  
It was yet again, as in the previous year, the hottest ticket in town ! 

(It was also good to see that other venues in the area are now copying our example and holding their own Christmas Day Lunch).

Our team of volunteers worked really hard to provide a fanastic lunch at the Hub

Many of the ingredients were fresh and local, and came from award winning gardens and allotments. It all combined into an excellent lunch in some very nice surroundings with some lovely people - on a special day.

Both of our local Councillors popped in to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and one of the friends of HHU had again been kind enough on Christmas morning, to bring along a small gift for every guest to takeaway with them after lunch - a cyclamen plant for the ladies, and a gift pack (of shower gel / diary) etc for the men.
Just what will the New Year bring ? ....
we have some major plans in store for the New Year

Its that time of year when we get chance to look back - take stock - see what we have achieved and plan our next moves for the coming New Year.

Sometimes you are so busy "doing things" that you don't get chance to see where you have been - and what you can do better (next time)
When you look at the history of 
Holme Hall Unite, it is one long and continuous success story. 

From our double Award-winning Community Garden to our very highly regarded Community Hub - devised and launched by Holme Hall Unite (and now copied elsewhere) - there is continuous achievement.

We have hosted community safety programs, a weight management course, a Cancer Safe, promotion, lots of local groups (which range from the Women's Institute to the Knit & Natter Groups), as well as weekly coffee mornings and social afternoons, computer clubs / local history groups etc. No other community group can come anywhere near. Even our message board - Next Door - (which we launched in July 2016) - has now passed more than 3500 local members - is a record breaker!

For the third year running, we ran a series of coach excursions - all subsidised to make them affordable. We visited places such as Hull, Liverpool, Bridlington, Cleethorpes etc. We also ran some trips by train.

In 2019 we were runners-up for "Organisation Of The Year" at the VSA Awards !

We were presented with a certificate for being runners-up as "
Organisation Of The Year" at the Voluntary Sector Awards night at the Pomegranate Theatre.

It was good to see someone tweeting about all of our achievements recently - and as they have a large following the word is spreading rapidly. There has been some great feedback to the news of our 
2nd RHS Award in 2 Years !
One of the organisations said "Well done, and so well and truly deserved"  another one said "Fantastic, well done, thank you for all your excellent work in the local community"

Almost everything that we have provided comes FREE - not even a charge for tea / coffee (the only exception being a small charge to cover room hire for our Dancing For Health classes).

We ended the year by giving away HUGE amounts of FREE FOOD - in association with our friends at M&S.
We managed to deliver several trays of food to the Woodlands Care Home, lots went to the local pub (for them to distribute), and many of our regulars and near neighbours also got bags full of food ! More than 100 trays in total.

What will be coming up next?  Watch this space to find out! The future is bright - the future is Holme Hall Unite.

In 2019 we WON a Royal Horticultural Society Award - for the second year running !
Awarded to Holme Hall Unite's Garden and Hub for working to relieve isolation and building a community
Ross Kemp visited us recently ...
A well known TV star - Ross Kemp - a famous face on British television for more than 25 years - visited us recently (Thursday 5th December). 

There was a very good turnout and as well as a short speech Ross also answered some questions, and then posed for some photographs.

There was considerable praise for the work of Holme Hall Unite both in the local community and also at the Hub - from Ross and also from our Member of Parliament, Toby Perkins.
Chesterfield to represent the East Midlands region at   Britain In Bloom next year
It is a major honour to be asked to represent the East Midlands region at this National competition. The Chesterfield In Bloom Committee have won 4 consecutive RHS Gold Medals and our own Community Garden has won the "Judges Award" this year - and the "Most Inspiring Project Award" last year.

There wasn't an awful lot of work done to the garden during the past year - for two reasons. Firstly, the plants were then a year old and needed some time to mature and develop; and also we had just taken on the Hub and needed to do some work on establishing that as the huge success that it has now become.

In 2020 there will be a big increase in the amount of cash, time and plants invested in the garden - to bring it up to competing on a National level (and our new Eco Greenhouse will certainly score some good points there). There is even talk of having a Volunteer working exclusively on the garden for 1 or 2 days a week. Join us in planning / working on the garden - and be part of an Award Winning Team ! 
Holme Hall Unite would like to thank the People's Health Trust for their support in running the Community Hub - the project would never have materialised without them
Funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised through The Health Lottery in the East Midlands

Please Note - it is a condition of our funding that the facilities available (often free) at the Hub are used primarily by residents in this post code area, and although we welcome visitors (by appointment) we reserve the right to restrict entry to those people living in this post code area, and to people who ARE regular Hub users.

We attended the Awards Presentation Lunch at 
Ringwood Hall recently.

We were then back again at Ringwood Hall in the evening where we picked up the Judges Award at the East Midlands in Bloom Awards (our 2nd Award in 2 years)

We hope that our guests also enjoyed the evening. 

We had a meeting with our friends from the local Co-Op earlier this week - as we were unable to attend their Members meeting - we gave a talk just a couple of years ago when the Members meeting was held at a different venue - to update them on plans for the estate etc.
and the Judges Award goes to ..... Holme Hall Unite!
                     Join us NOW    ....    or miss out on all the fun this year !