All people who live within a 2 km radius - not Facebook "friends" that you've never met and never will !
Next Door - now has 1323 LOCAL members
All LOCAL people; join us and make this a better community for all Holme Hall residents

Greggs surplus food - the deal is now done !

Holme Hall Unite will now be having all the surplus food from ALL four local Greggs shops 5 days a week !
We are trying to get another organisation to work alongside us on this project to make it run smoothly. I won't name the organisation yet (they have just requested that they hold their future Committee meetings at our Hub). More details soon ....

We have also been offered some surplus fresh food from the Inspire Community Garden too.

Good turnout at the Hub again today
  .... At this rate we'll soon be opening up more days per week ! The DVD SWAP also seem to be very popular too.

Day Trips
are becoming a bit of a problem ! We now have so many people (1300 on Next Door alone) that hear about our fantastic offers that they often "jump in first" and exclude regular members who are taking part in our other activities, and therefor should have the first choice.

As a result we have formed a Day Trips group on Next Door and details of future coach trips / outings etc will be sent to our regular participants FIRST, and only publicised on this site IF there are any spare tickets left. To join the group - go to Next Door, click on the Day Trips group, and request access. Its great to see that 20+ people have joined already !

This more structured approach is working well with other groups such as the Feed It Back group (for food surplus). It will help to manage the Hub's resources more efficiently. We've been getting a good few people to recent events - on some of the hottest days of the last 50 years ! - so just how many will come along on the colder darker days of winter? Getting these things right now, will save a lot of problems in the future.

Worcester is way out in front in the choice to be one of our Christmas Day Trips - with Skipton market coming in second. Still plenty of time to make your selection before we actually announce the dates

we've had a meeting recently (with our main sponsors) to organise the Holme Hall Unite BBQ - so let's hope that the weather holds out ! 

People are still talking about our Big Picnic a couple of weeks ago (what a great location it was - the weather was perfect too) so lets hope this event is also as good 

We've had several requests to add a river trip to our York trip -  we are looking into doing this as an optional "add on" at the moment - but trips (from an hour to all afternoon) seem plentiful and can be found quite easily along the riverside.. ..   by the way - we now have some York tourist brochures at the Hub for anyone who is going on the trip - plan your day in advance (map / street plan is included)

.... we have now got quite a lot of DVDs in stock (around 100 titles) so our DVD Swap scheme is now up and running. Just bring an old unwanted DVD with you on your next Hub visit - eg our Games Afternoon (Friday at 2pm) - and SWAP it for another one ! No Charge !

Very Timely ! - Two lovely solid wood storage cupboards were delivered to the Hub today - absolutely perfect to store the DVDs and the Games.

One of our members has very kindly donated a brand new floor cleaner - which is ideal for cleaning / polishing wood or laminate floors. If anyone needs such an item it is available to members for FREE LOAN from us (on payment of a small deposit).
Good to see a couple of visitors from the proposed Grangewood Hub call into our
coffee morning this week to chat with the people who were there and see how we do things here.

Nice to see that yet another of our group has now been contacted by the Eden Project (so the travel arrangements can be made for their journey to Cornwall shortly) to take part in one of the Eden Project's Community Camps 

Citizens Advice Bureau
will be at
The Hub on Tuesday 21st August from 1.00 pm - if you have an issue that you would like some advice on then get in touch and we can book a meeting for you. 
Otherwise, just come along for a chat. There will be a number of other agencies visiting The Hub over the next few weeks.

An article about Holme Hall Unite will be featured in a magazine sent to all voluntary agency funders in the Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire area in the very near future.

We were contacted by one of the Directors of Marks & Spencer recently. In July M&S staff came to visit our garden to take some photos / video now that the garden is a year old. The Director had only just seen them. He said [quote] "Delighted we have been able to make some small contribution to your powerful community effort". Are some further collaborations in the pipeline? Watch this space ! 

YouTube Video

Holme Hall Unite
 will be hosting a series of 5 afternoon tea events
at the Hub until next Christmas (sponsored by Derbyshire Public Health) to promote the 5 Ways to Wellbeing health campaign. 

Admission is free on production of the 5 Ways to Health leaflet (which you can pick-up on your next Hub visit).
Happy Birthday to Next Door !   You are now 2 years old !
Its now 2 years since 
Holme Hall Unite launched a new message system called Next Door in this area. 

We were among the first 50 areas of the UK to "trial" the site for three months prior to its full National Launch (in October 2016).

There are now more than 20,000 Next Door areas (called neighbourhoods) throughout the UK with more than 250 here in Derbyshire alone - even relatively small areas (such as Pudding Pie Hill and Bubnell, nr Baslow) now have their very own neighbourhoods, to help keep people safe and in touch with their neighbours.
plan your day out in York - click here to see whats on

YouTube Video

RHS visits Holme Hall Unite's Community Garden
....... the President and his wife paid a visit to our garden site recently ...

You will remember that back in July we told you that 
Holme Hall Unite's community garden garden had been entered into the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society's "It's You Neighbourhood" scheme - which is part of East Midlands in Bloom.

Chesterfield has won a GOLD medal for the past two years in the In Bloom competition - and we are hoping to make it three years in a row.

The President (with his wife, who is standing down later this year after 18 years as Secretary) paid a visit to our community garden one morning very recently.

We will have to wait a few weeks to receive their full assessment, but they seemed very pleased with things as we showed them around and explained the ethos of the garden.  We believe that their verdict  will be delivered during the East Midlands in Bloom Awards, to be held at the Newark showground, later this year. So, fingers crossed !

The garden has been a huge success during the past year, and use by members of the local community lead directly to the launch of our Community Hub last month.

If you would like to be involved then we are planning further volunteer days in the very near future. Not only will you get to help us with a fantastic garden, but also be able to join us at some very special events (like our recent picnic and forthcoming BBQ).

Come along and enjoy the fresh air - there is nothing better for your mental and physical health and well-being than being part of green spaces and enjoying the sounds of nature. Get in touch with us now - or just click here to mail us.

another 'Volunteer Day' at the garden will be announced in the very near future
come along - make new friends - enjoy the company - get healthy - join our events (barbecue / picnic etc)
We've now got the full programme for the celebrations for the end of 
World War One - and its much bigger than we first realised with events taking place all over the town. 

The highlight will be the poppy cascade (down the Town Hall and also down the Market Hall). Click here to read more on the events.

If you had a relative who was killed in the war, please get in touch. We have a listing of everyone in Chesterfield who was killed during the conflict (its far more people than many realise) and we may be able to give you a few more details (please remember to tell us your relative's surname! and any other details you know - address / regiment etc will all be helpful)

Want to get in touch with us about anything? Use the Information Line - 01246 498080 - or simply send us an e mail - click here (e mail is always quicker for a response!)
We had a very good turnout (yet again) last Tuesday to our regular 
coffee morning -  with 11 people coming along. Someone from Derbyshire Public Health popped in (regarding planning of our forthcoming Afternoon Tea events) and remarked that if we can get that many people to a coffee morning on such a hot day, it bodes very very well for the darker winter days that lie ahead ......
We also did a presentation (with 50 photographs) - showing our work over the last 12 months at both the
Community garden and also the Hub - to the Annual General Meeting of the Loundsley Green Community Trust recently, which seemed to be very well received (so much so, that we were approached afterwards by a local magazine which wants to do a feature about our work) .... 

Want to get in touch with us about anything? Use the Information Line (number above) or send us an e mail - click here (e mail is always quicker for a response!)

*** Members of Next Door are also able to register for alerts as to what is available (and when) - simply by joining the Feed It Back group on Next Door Holme Hall Unite.

A message will then be delivered to members of that group whenever supplies are available - and they will be able to collect immediately from the Community Hub.

There are lots of benefits to being on Next Door - chat with your neighbours / see whats happening locally / receive security alerts / buy - sell - swap your unwanted items / lost and found etc etc ... the list is almost endless. 
Click here -  Next Door - to join - simply enter your postcode and you will be taken to the right area.
Get in touch to join us for our next meal out click here to send an e mail
contact us and we can e mail a copy of the menu

Our Lunch Club ...
We are planning somewhere different with our next Lunch Club meeting - so why not join us for a nice lunch ... and make new friends too?

Its usually a pub lunch with a group of  like minded friendly people. Make new friends and enjoy some great company ! Ideal if you are on your own. No going to the bar to order your meal to find your table has gone when you return ! 
yet more facilities will be coming to the Hub very soon .....
We are planning to add yet more facilites to the
Community Hub ... and to that end are teaming up with a national organisation (Good Things Foundation) to help deliver quality digital training right here on the estate.

We will shortly be having computer facilities at the Community Hub and will be running a range of courses to help people get online / improve their computer skills / and offering help and support for those struggling with, say, Universal Credit sign-ups. If you would like to know more - get in touch with us here.

People who are not on the internet are missing out on so much - and it really is not that hard to learn (the basic stuff anyway - like surfing the web / answering e mails / digital photos / skype etc)

These facilities are available to those living in the Holme Hall area - but if we have spare capacity we would want to offer them to people from other areas too.

Get in touch to find out more - or pop round to the Hub whenever we are open. If you would like to visit at a specific time, just leave a message on our Information Line - 01246 498080.

It is a condition of our funding that the majority of visitors to the events that we promote will be local people - for whom the funding is primarily intended,

Funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised by HealthCalm through The Health Lottery
FREE basic cookery course @ the Hub .....
We are planning some free basic cookery courses (in association with Derbyshire County Council) to be held at The Hub in the near future. 

Courses help with food shopping, budgeting and how to make healthier food choices. The plan is to deliver a series of practical healthy cooking on a budget courses to targeted groups across the county. 
The free Heart of Derbyshire healthy cookery courses will include: - basic cooking skills - an introduction to creating simple and balanced healthy meals utilising affordable, seasonal and fresh ingredients - understanding the importance of food hygiene, storage and planning - budgeting and food shopping advice 

The courses are designed to be approximately six two hour sessions (12 hours) in length but the delivery of them can be varied to meet people's needs 

If you are interested - Contact us - mail us here -  or Leave message on our Information Line - 01246 498080
Have you ever thought of doing more for your community?

We are looking for people to join us on a four-day (long weekend) trip to the Eden Project in Cornwall to explore ideas for building stronger, more stable communities. 
All travel, accommodation and food is included !

Get in touch - click here - and we'll tell you more.

Four local people have been in touch about this (and at least 2 have now applied) to go on this adventure !
Our new Community Hub was officially opened last Saturday by the Mayor and Mayoress. 
Thanks to everyone who came along, especially our Special Guest Toby Perkins MP.

Initially it was very crowded, but thinned out a little later. There were so many people there that it was hard to speak to them all. 

Good to see lots of old faces, and many, many new ones too – and very pleasing to see so many signing-up for our new activities / events etc.  A fantastic buffet too !

The “award” for the person who had travelled furthest must go to the man from the Proceeds of Crime Unit, who had come up from Birmingham ! (We will be doing some promotions with them later on this year).

People seemed genuinely interested in the planned events (on the notice boards). 

A video presentation of some of the things that Holme Hall Unite has been doing over the last 3 years - and will be doing in the future - was screened continuously.

This included participants in the recent 4 week Equipped 2 Succeed course .... so successful that a new series will start very soon.

There were also people there from the Over 50s Forum (at the Town Hall), Credit Union, Lincs, Aim 4 Change, and Citizens Advice Bureau, among many others.

There were many kind plaudits for what Holme Hall Unite has achieved in just three years - the community garden / the Lunch Club / our range of excursions (all intended to bring the community together and help to reduce loneliness and isolation) - but we have many other plans in the pipeline - you ain't seen nothing yet !

Funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised by HealthCalm through The Health Lottery

Chesterfield Farmers markets (held on the 2nd Thursday each month) - 2018 - 9th August / 13th September / 11th October / 8th November / 13th December

Upcoming Artisan markets (held on the last Sunday of the month in New Square) - 2018 - Aug 26th / Sept 30th / Oct 28th / Nov 25th / Dec 23rd

Brampton Food Market @ St Thomas' Church (10.00am - 1.30pm)  ..... 1st September / 6th October (Chatsworth Road Festival) / 3rd November (Food & Christmas crafts) / 1st December (Food and Christmas crafts).
Meet our local Neighbourhood Ranger 
My name is Sean Carrington and I am your local Neighbourhood Ranger for Holme Hall

I have been patrolling this area since May 2015 and my main duties are to perform Fire Safety Inspections on blocks of flats in the area and to make sure Holme Hall is clear and free of rubbish/fly tipping. I also report any repairs that I find along the way in common areas. 

If you see me walking or driving around the area and would like to speak to me please feel free to flag me down or just say hello. I am here to help!

Here are a few things to remember as a Council tenant at Holme Hall:

· Don’t leave any items in the communal areas in blocks of flats, including rubbish bags, bikes, pushchairs, etc

· Make sure your bin store is clean and tidy and that you use the recycle bins correctly

· To report any repairs/damage that you find in your block of flats/Houses

· Not to smoke in any communal areas inside the block of flats

· If you’re a dog owner to clear away any dog fouling that your dog makes

· Report any graffiti you find in the area

The areas I cover are: - Blocks of flats - Hipley Close, Oakamoor Close, Atlow Close, Hatton Drive, Cauldon Drive, Mercaston Close and Hanbury Close.  Streets – Carsington Close, Foston Drive, Holme Hall Crescent, Norbury Close, Rodsley Close, Ruston Close, Sheldon Road, Shirley Close, Sudbury Close, Taddington Road, Tissington Close, Wardgate Way and Yeldersley Close 

If you would like to speak to me direct or in private, please call 01246 345069 or email here