All people who live within a 2 km radius - not Facebook "friends" that you've never met and never will !
Next Door - now has 1648 LOCAL members
All LOCAL people; join us and make this a better community for all Holme Hall residents
The Great British Spring Clean
litter pick on the estate - Thursday April 11th

11:00am - 12:30pm - meet at Holme Hall Unite Community Hub - all equipment is provided - refreshments available - join in the fun
Judging by the number of enquiries that we have had there will be no shortage of volunteers at our 
Community garden this year - the fact that we are also introducing regular working sessions too, has also helped.  Incredible though it may seem - we are ONLY a few weeks away from Easter !

We've also been approached by people who used to volunteer at the Inspire garden - which will close (and hopefully re-locate somewhere else) after this year's summer harvest. Their volunteers will be very welcome to join us too.. 

Also its good to see Holme Hall Unite's daffodils popping up all over the estate yet again (they were planted in November 2015 - all 14,000 of them !!!).
Thanks to Muriel for an absolutely fantastic presentation on the history of our town at yesterday's meeting of the 
local History group
Lots of maps and charts and a 20 page booklet for everyone to take away to digest further. Good to see our biggest (so far) turnout for the group too ! Visits to Hardwick Hall, Sudbury Hall and Chatsworth are all in the pipeline.

Great to see the Hub featured so prominently on the new Loundsley Green matters leaflet that is currently being distributed to every house throughout the area. Our Councillors are regular visitors to the Hub and have seen first hand the enormous success that it is achieving.

Chesterfield Borough Council 
Derbyshire Public Health were both at the Hub yesterday doing "case studies" so 
the Hub can be used as "best practise" to roll-out the Hub concept to several other places around the town and County. 
What a major success story the Hub has turned out to be in such a short time !

Lots of support for our Litter pick on the estate (Thursday April 11th at 11am - meet at the Hub). One local business is sending four staff along. We have all the catering in hand too - to make sure that our volunteers are all well watered and fed !

A second A Day at the Races is currently being planned - get in touch if this is something that may be of interest to you and your friends.

The plans for our forthcoming 
Dancing for Health classes took a major step forward yesterday - we met the organisers, showed them around the venue, and made plans for a 12 week trial run.The funding has also now been raised.

It looks a fantastic proposal and I'm sure it will be yet another winning event that has been brought to this area by Holme Hall Unite.

Holme Hall Unite will have some surprises for our members this Easter  - let's hope that we have cleared out all the Christmas goodies by then ! (We've still got two Turkeys stored in one of our volunteer's freezer and lots of chocolate goodies too). And ... with our donations about to double - to four days a week - we could end up with a lot more than we have bargained for !
Tomorrow should be quite warm and bright in southern and central regions. In the north wet and windy weather gradually spreads southwards. By the late afternoon it probably reaches Wales and northern England. Colder and showery conditions follow into Scotland.
Lunch Club will launch again for the summer season shortly - and will then be held every 2 weeks.

Such a simple idea - we announce where we will hold a pub lunch and then people can come along and join us if they wish - safe in the knowledge that there will be nice like-minded people to sit with. No pre-booking, just turn up on the day if you fancy it and have nothing else on.

We have a couple of new venues for this year too - including one place that we think will be very popular indeed. Join our Lunch Club group on Next Door to be on the mailing list - and then simply come along if you are free!
Want to help in the Community Garden this year?
The plans for this season are coming together very nicely. Get in touch with us if you would like to be involved. You can either join the 
Community Garden group on Next Door, or mail us by simply clicking here.

Last year we were visited by Judges from the Royal Horticultural Society and we were very pleased that our garden went on the WIN the first prize in the "Most Inspirational Project Award(out of over 150 entries from six different Counties) at the East Midlands in Bloom competition (held in NewarkCome an join us this year ! 
Our first trip is now SOLD OUT, with just a few seats left for the second trip. The next 2 excursions will be announced - via our Day Trips group on Next Door - in the near future.
Our first TWO 
Day Trips of 2019 have been announced (via the Day Trips group on Next Door).
Lots of interest, and we expect the first trip to sell-out quickly (many people have booked their tickets but will not pay for a few days). 
A "booking" is NOT fully confirmed until the tickets are paid for !

You can MAIL US HERE to find out more details - or leave a message on 01246 498080 and we will call you back Better still, call and see us at the Hub (Tuesday at 11am / or Friday at 2pm)

All of our excursions are subsidised by 
Holme Hall Unite - making them incredible value for money. 

You'll pay only about HALF of the price charged by other operators for similar outings - and this is not just a one-off offer - ALL our excursions are subsidised making them very affordable.
We'll be holding regular "
Meet Your Councillor" surgeries at the Hub shortly. Get in touch if you have an issue that you want to discuss, and we'll sort out an appointment for you. Get in touch with us - simply click here to send an email or call 01246 498080.

Remember, different Councils deal with different issues - for example Highways is a County Council matter, not a Borough Council one - so if you can give an indication of what you want to discuss we can point you in the direction of the right person to deal with it.
leaflets promoting this are currently being delivered to every house on the estate
our Christmas Club has now launched
We have launched a 
Financial Inclusion Project on the estate to help people to budget and manage their finances a little better.

The plan - which is fully supported by Credit Union and also by Derbyshire County Council - will help people to cope with the financial ups and downs a little better, and help them to manage their money and general finances better.  We've now also launched a Christmas Club - so people can start saving NOW and have a much better Christmas.

Get in touch - click just here to mail us and we'll invite you to the Hub on a future convenient date to meet with an advisor (in total confidence) from the Credit Unionto give you more details without any obligation. If you struggled to pay for last Christmas, it could be the "change" that puts you on a more secure financial future.
Holme Hall Unite's daffodils - 14,000 were planted - are popping up all over the estate
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------
Next Door membership now 1648 
... over 160 people have joined us since Christmas!

A couple of weeks before Christmas we were asking whether we would reach 1500 members before the holiday (the membership then stood at 1480) Well - we achieved that with several days to spare !
Since the 
Christmas holiday many more people joined which takes us now up to 1648 members.

Keep in touch with Next Door (and the various groups) for details of all that is happening at the Hub, and in this immediate area - and don't forget to use it if you see anything suspicious in the area too.

Its the best way to keep in touch with your friends and neighbours (via private message) plus keep  up to date with everything that is happening locally too.
Funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised through The Health Lottery in the East Midlands

Please Note - it is a condition of our funding that the facilities available (often free) at the Hub are used primarily by residents in this post code area, and although we welcome visitors (by appointment) we reserve the right to restrict entry to those people living in this post code area, and to people who ARE regular Hub users.
Our RHS Award-winning Community garden will be "transformed" during this coming year ....

Our Community garden will be given a major overhaul this Spring - to make sure that we retain our RHS Its Your Neighbourhood Award as "Most Inspiring Project" (out of 150) in the East Midlands.

Holme Hall Unite has funding for extra plants to be added, and there will also be a slight re-design, to give the garden even more impact than last summer when the Royal Horticultural Society's Judges  described it as "most inspirational". 

Chesterfield is hosting the annual East Midlands in Bloom Awards at the Winding Wheel later this year - after winning a Gold Medal for 3 years in a row - so the garden is likely to receive several high-profile visitors.

If you would like to be involved on a regular basis, then get in touch with us - click here - and we will send you some further details. 
All in all, everything looks as if its going to be another great year for Holme Hall Unite !
Derbyshire Public Health have visited the Hub to set-up the weight management / stop smoking groups
Need help with any of these issues? .... then contact us @ the Hub for details
Weight management / stopping smoking / getting active / alcohol awareness / debt / mental health issues
The Live Life Better Derbyshire website can offer FREE help, support and advice in all these areas - and if there is enough demand we can actually help organise courses at the Hub for those who would like to take part. 

Click the logo to visit the website and make some changes to your life today. Get in touch

Funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised by HealthCalm through The Health Lottery