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Warning issued - weather breaks down from late Wednesday onwards - with thunder and some heavy rain
78.9% of UK adults have now had at least one dose of the vaccine, and 56.6% have had both doses
UK reports 8 Covid-19 deaths on Sunday ... but a further 7,490 new cases
new cases over the last 10 days are -  Thursday 5274 /  Friday 6238 / Saturday 5765 / Sunday 5341 / Monday 5683 / Tuesday 6048 / Wednesday 7540 / Thursday 7393 / Friday 8125 / Saturday 7738 / Sunday 7490.
majority of public back the delay to 'Freedom Day' in new poll - read more
At the current rate of growth the UK will hit 15,000 cases a day by 21 June and January levels of infections by late July - and that's without any further relaxation of restrictions due on June 21st.

'Freedom' date pushed back from June 21st to July 19th

The evidence of a new third wave now seems irrefutable in a week of rocketing new daily cases.

After weeks of around 2000 a day (or even less) over the past week the numbers have jumped to around 6000 a day - and have now topped the 7000 figure for the first time since 26th February. This figure (numbers were over 7000 for four days running now) - and on one day climbed to over 8000. Almost 1000 people were admitted to hospital in the last seven days. Even the BMA (the British Medical 
Association) has now called for a delay to the planned easing of the lockdown restrictions.

Expect all these news 'leaks' to continue over the next few days - right up till next Monday 14th when the government were due to confirm the end of lockdown restrictions - which were due to come into force on June 21st. All that now looks in jeopardy - with the date set to be pushed back till (at least) July 19th.
Well, thats 3 (of our Summer weekends) gone by now - with lots more fun still to come! We still have a lot to look forward to - like our return to the Eden Project. The photo (below) shows the Queen with the world leaders (all attending the G7 summit) visiting the Eden Project in Cornwall for dinner last Friday evening. They had dinner in the very room where we have attended several community camps over the last 5 years

Several members of Holme Hall Unite have visited the Eden Project (with food / accomodation and travel expenses all paid) to attend community camps, over the last few years. One of Eden Project's Midlands based groups has also visited us at our Community Hub last year.
Today - June 13th - is a unique day in our summer calender as this is the only day during the months of June, July and August which has never officially recorded a maximum temperature of 30.0°C (or above) in the UK. This date's record is 28.3°C and has been set on three separate occasions, in 1896, 1948 and 1994. Today offers the chance to breach that record, but it is looking like we may just fall short of the 'magic' 30°C.

Warmer, more humid air has returned from the southwest and with high pressure in control then for most places it will be a fine and sunny day. There will be some patchy cloud in places, but it will be generally sunny with high or very high UV levels. The exception will come across the north and northwest of the UK and Ireland where there will be more breeze and cloud, the cloud thick enough to bring some light rain and drizzle at times. Top temperatures today will range from 23°C to 28°C in most places, but it will be cooler around coasts where refreshing sea breezes develop.

A fine and warm evening will give way to a generally fine and dry night but that cloud and patchy rain in the northwest will edge a little further southeast to lie across southern Scotland, Northern Ireland and perhaps into the northwest of England by dawn. Fresher conditions with showers will then follow into the far northwest but for many regions it will be a warm night. Those fresher conditions will edge further south tomorrow as that cold front continues to sink southeast, weakening as it does so, but for much of central, southern and south-eastern England it will remain fine and very warm. 
(Pictured above - the baskets and containers on our balcony - showing that you can garden in even the smallest spaces).
Lockdown muscle loss : Five ways to get back in shape - read more here
Boris Johnson was embroiled in an extraordinary public spat with EU leaders over Northern Ireland on Saturday evening as the tensions over Brexit boiled over at the G7 summit in Cornwall. 

After a series of tense bilateral meetings at which the French president, Emmanuel Macron, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel and the European commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, told their host the UK must implement the Brexit deal in full, an unrepentant Johnson said he had urged his EU colleagues to “get it into their heads” that the UK is “a single country”.

And in a further explosive intervention, Johnson then reiterated the UK's threat to suspend the Northern Ireland protocol unilaterally by invoking article 16 – a move that would almost certainly provoke trade retaliation from Brussels. He told Sky News the EU was constructing “all kinds of impediments” instead of applying the protocol “sensibly”. What they want is WHAT WAS PROMISED - nothing more.

Boris Johnson was telling EU leaders
to “get it into their heads” that the UK is “a single country” - but he should have remembered that himself when he promised the ludicrous "border down the Irish Sea" in a desperate attempt to push the deal through - knowing all along that he could NEVER deliver such a deal and had no intention of ever honouring it. This row could well bring Johnson's reign to an end.
Coming up soon .... day excursions to Chester, York, Whitby and Blackpool*
All at very special rates for our regular members and supporters (subject to availability and regulations*)

our Second Day Trip destination is announced ...

Tickets will be offered to members of our Day Trips group first, and in the unlikely event that there are any left (we have enough members of our Day Trips group already to sellout), then advertised on here. We will start taking bookings this week - details will be sent to the group.

Among the favourites for our future trips are Whitbyalways popular, a re-visit to the city of York, plus Blackpool  (although this may have to be shelved due to the rising infections in the North West). Get in touch with your suggestions -  click here 

*** The Half Price claim is made comparing with another operator who is offering a similar / identical excursion.
We now aim to have an activity almost every weekend right up to August Bank Holiday.
 But where shall we visit? A outing to the coast?  
A meal out somewhere? A shopping trip? A day out in the lovely Peak District?  It looks like we are in for a very busy few weeks now. 

Join the Lunch Club group (on the Next Door site) for more details of our future lunch meets. We have visited lots of places over the last five years, where will it be next? Join a group of friendly people and make the most of life. There really is no need to be left on your own - or left out in the cold as a few have chosen to be. Life is far too short to be put on hold for too long, isn't it?

Join the appropriate group(s) - lunch club / day trips / outdoor gym / community garden - on Next Door and you will be the first to know all about whats happening, and will be able to join us before anyone else

What's the point of a support group - if its not there when you need it most?

our first day trip of the year is now fully booked
 - its a tour of the Yorkshire Dales

There has been a steady stream of visitors to the Hub coming to book and pay for their tickets for our next excursion - (a Yorkshire Dales tour - inc two stop offs in market towns). A fabulous bargain at only £5 !

All of the tickets for the first day trip are paid for now, so a second trip will be announced very soon - to take place just a couple of weeks after the first one. It was 'countryside' for the first - does that mean that it will be a 'city' for the second one? 
 If you would like to go on the WAITING LIST (in case of cancellations etc) for the Yorkshire Dales trip - just mail us - by clicking here (NOTE - There are already some people on the waiting list).

there has been a really fantastic uptake for our new outdoor gym project
Its good to see the gym equipment getting off to a flying start. There were people using the equipment on Saturday morning and I'm told (by people living in the bungalows opposite) that there has been a steady stream of people over the weekend too.

The project is open to all - from individuals to formal keep-fit groups and sports teams. Why not invite your friends to come along and make it a fun social session - while getting healthy at the very same time?
Join the Outdoor Gym Group on Next Door to get the latest news on classes etc.
Can you imagine just what we will have achieved in another five years' time?
The stunning daffodil display (all 16,000) emerged again all round the estate to brighten things up. Its hard to believe that its now over five years since they were planted. 

Since then we've also successfully launched the Next Door app (over 5000 members now), our RHS Award-winning garden, the Community Hub and now our fantastic 'multi-gym project' has been unveiled - in time for the Spring and Summer.

In 2020 we weren't able to do much to our Community Garden. We checked it out in January and the soil was much easier to work than usual (due to lack of frosts - so the ground wasn't as hard as usual) but then we had the wettest February on record, and from March onwards we were in lockdown and / or shielding for a year.

Watch out for this year! We have a healthy budget for more planting, and will be bringing the garden back up to its pre-pandemic Award Winning status. 

The garden is very popular in the summer, and a lovely place to relax, and keep in contact with nature - which is good for the mind, body and soul. (See if you can spot our resident woodpecker). A great place to chill-out after a session at our nearby multi gym too!

Extra Garden Volunteer(s) are needed 
- to bring our community garden 'back up to scratch' after over a year with no activity due to the Covid pandemic. Many of our volunteers are still shielding, and  reluctant to come out and mix again, or are suffering from long-Covid, so help is needed to tidy-up / plant etc to bring the garden back to its best - click here
10 simple pleasures which will give you a big boost - click here to read more

A few changes have been taking place over the last few weeks in our organisation, and we now have the same legal status as most of the other charitable community groups.
We are still a not-for-profit organisation and we will continue to support the local community, as we have done now for the last 5 years. 

plant a tree for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee - read more on this story here
"It was our pleasure to meet with you this morning and to hear of the wonderful work you are facilitating through Holme Hall Unite. So many great initiatives that are making such a positive difference in the local  community.

We have much respect for what has been achieved through Holme Hall Unite and look forward to talking further as to how we might continue to network and partner together for the good of the community".

"Can I re-iterate my thanks for your personal leadership in the Holme Hall Community. I travel the length and breadth of the British Isles and extensively globally and I’m constantly humbled by how much good people like you do to bind communities" - one of the Directors of a Top 40 Footsie company
(the original copies are all held on file)
Day Trips Summer 2021 - Where will our excursions take us?  Countryside or Coast?
Liverpool / Hull / York / Lincoln / Whitby / Newark / Lichfield / Bridlington / Scarborough / Cleethorpes etc 

The warm sunshine will remind people that its time we were getting out and about again - after all its now only days away from mid-summer day. We will again have a range of day  excursions to suit everyone. 
It is over a year ago now since our funding arrangement with the Peoples Health Trust ended (they were paying the Hub running costs for the first two years 2018-2020). Since then we have been fully independent and receive no payment from anyone towards our running costs from any firm and / or organisation etc. Therefor, charges for items which were free are necessary.

Everyone is welcome to come and join in our activities and events - even from other areas. We are the best kept secret in town!  After a period of time you may also wish to apply for membership too? We are proud of the fact that we have NEVER CHARGED A SINGLE PENNY for anything at the Hub.
All meals, snacks, tea, coffee, biscuits and cake - have all been free (until we discovered someone using our facilities to line their own pocket).
If you need any further information about 
Holme Hall Unite 
just click here to get in contact
- we will get back to you asap

join Holme Hall Unite in 2021 - and join a winning team - or you WILL miss out!
activities several times a week / lots of outings (from as little as £5 !) / regular Lunch Club / best social scene
are you feeling a blt lonely? Get on Next Door and chat to your neighbours!
Do you need help with shopping, or with collecting prescriptions? Get online and check our help map
more than 5000 people have now signed up to our message board

(all living within a 2km radius)
There's no such thing as a FREE Lunch ! So the saying goes. Generally speaking that is true - unless you are one of our members and got a FREE Fish & Chips lunch at our last garden picnic ... OR unless you took part in our last local litter pick - on that occasion your got a FREE lunch, courtesy of our friends at the Co-Op. Are you starting to get the idea?

Join In - Take Part - Reap the Benefits - Get the Rewards

We are shortly organising a community garden tidy-up .... does anyone want to come and join us in bringing the garden back up to scratch after a year off due to the Covid restrictions? Click here - to get in touch with us.
Just remember - you cannot expect to receive ANY of the benefits if you are NOT a member of the club!

join Holme Hall Unite in 2021 - and join a winning team - or you WILL miss out!
as we enter our fourth year at the Hub, just what benefits, and surprises will 2021 bring for our members?
 What is a Member? We make no distinction between members and visitors at our Community Hub - BUT members have voting rights which casual visitors don't have. According to our Constitution - which was drawn up by a leading professional expert - people can apply to become members, then, if accepted, they would be eligible to vote at meetings and stand for the Committee. 
Holme Hall Unite would like to thank the People's Health Trust for their support in launching the Community Hub - the project would never have materialised without them
Funded by People’s Health Trust from Spring 2018 to Spring 2020 using money raised through 
The Health Lottery in the East Midlands

Please Note - it is a condition of our funding that the facilities available (often free) at the Hub are used primarily by residents in this post code area, and although we welcome visitors (by appointment) we reserve the right to restrict entry to those people living in this post code area, and to people who ARE regular Hub users.

                Join us NOW    ....    or miss out on all the fun later this year !