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Following software are required for the UNITEC-1 operation.
Please see the description, and select the software to download and use.
License Agreement
  1. Starting this software means that you would accept all the terms and conditions below. If you cannot accept any description below, please do not use this application.
  2. Each software's copyright is attributed to the each author. 
  3. Copyright infringement activities such as copying and disassembling are strictly prohibited.
  4. UNITEC-1 project and software authors offer this application to those who need it for free.
  5. UNITEC-1 project and software authors do not comply with any compensation if at all you or your computer suffered any damage from this application. It is you who has the full responsibility on using it.

 Software Name (Click to download)
 Author  Size / Contents
 Version / Update Date
 Initial Orbit Estimation Sheet
 Prof. Shinichi Nakasuka
 14.4 MB / Software(Excel sheet), Manual(Japanese)
 1.0 / 2010.1.12
 This software estimates the UNITEC-1's initial orbit and ground sight path by applying EKF(Extended Kalman Filter). The software uses the spread sheet form of Micrsoft Excel.
 Dr. Yuji Sakamoto
 549.9 KB / Software(GUI, Windows)
 0.1 / 2010.5.9
 This software estimates the UNITEC-1's initial orbit and ground sight path by applying EKF. The software is provided in GUI style. Inertial process is different from the Excel version.
 Receiving Data Analyzer
 Mr. Tomohiro Harada  13.9 KB / Software(Java), Manual(Japanese)
 1.1 / 2010.5.21 (Small bug fixed)
 This software has two functions. The one is to extract the peak frequency from the UNITEC-1's receiving wave. The other is to convert the UNITEC-1's receiving CW to the binary (0,1) data. Each receiving wave must be provided in Spectran's output format.