Launch Information

Liftoff:20 May, 2010. 21:58:22(UTC)
Launcher:H-IIA17(for PLANET-C)
Launch site:JAXA Tanegashima Space Centre, Japan
Piggy-back launch

Table. UNITEC-1 Separation Prediction
Separation timing 2878.037 sec
>>time after the launcher liftoff >>20 May 2010, 22:46:20 UTC
Inertial velocity 8867.8 m/s
Elevation for inertial flight 48.112 deg
Azimuth for inertial flight 99.108 deg
Geocentric distance 13226.990 km
Altitude 6854.304 km
Inertial coordinate position: X 3760406 m
Inertial coordinate position: Y -10780996 m
Inertial coordinate position: Z -6677030 m
Inertial coordinate velocity: X 7241.0 m/s
Inertial coordinate velocity: Y -3008.7 m/s
Inertial coordinate velocity: Z -4141.6 m/s

Definition of position and velocity, Inertial coordinate system
Origin:Earth centre
X axis:Intersection of equator plane and meridian that contains the Greenwich at a nominal lift off time.
Y axis:Right hand system (on equatorial plane)
Z axis:North pole

<<<<Coordinate system change to J2000>>>>
     1: t_epoch = 2010/05/20 22:46:20 (UTC)
            x = -8386.536214 km
            y = 7748.324875 km
            z = -6677.030000 km
            Vx = -7805.449103 m/s
            Vy  = -747.877657 m/s
            Vz = -4141.600000 m/s