UNITEC-1 Ground Station Network

List of UNITEC-1 GSN

GS Name
Lat. (deg)
 Lon.(deg) Alt. (m)
 Tohoku 38.25798140.83675 250.00
 35.95333 140.66667 32.00
 34.14429 135.40669 415.67
 34.21611 131.55722 144.00
 33.59879 130.21202 79.00

Quick Link for UNITEC-1 Operation
    - The way to use this site for UNITEC-1 Grond Station Network members

(1)Path Prediction

    (1-1) Download receiving data

    From Archive page, UNITEC-1 analysis team downloads the latest conversion results of ground stations after every path is finished.

    (1-2) Calculate and upload "Path Prediction" data

    UNITEC-1 analysis team calculates the upcoming path for every ground station.
    To Archive page,  UNITEC-1 analysis team uploads the calculation results.


    (2-1) Observation preparation

    From Archive page, ground station operators downloads the upcoming path data for each ground station.
    Ground station operators measures the observation preparations such as creating observation sequence files.

    (2-2) Upload observation result

    After the observation of planned path is finished, ground station operators generates the conversion results by Spectran from receiving sound data.
    To Archive page, ground station operators uploads the latest conversion results.

    >>Repeat the cycle of (1) and (2) on the basis of the latest time table!!