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Let's get the UNITEC-1 verification card! (Campaign term: Launch ~ 1 month)

If you succeed receiving the voice of UNITEC-1, please report your succeeded reception to our forum or unitec1ops[at] change [at] to @) with proper evidences.
The operation team would like to issue the vericard(verification card) when the team received your data.

    Variety of the UNITEC-1 vericard

    The UNITEC-1 vericard provides following specials for the receiver.
  1. Provided in the all hand-made postcard style
  2. Marking your call sign
  3. Marking serial number
  4. Different design cards are provided as to the following terms ( the terms may be changed as the operation situation is changed )
  • 1st term - X (Launch) ~ X + 3 days
  • 2nd term - X + 4 days ~ X + 10 days
  • 3rd term - X + 11 days ~ X + 1 month

fig. the sample vericard

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