Pilgrimage 2014

Reception on the Lawn before the service.

Ann Carey & Monk Rowe

The following is a 36-second video by a well-intentioned videographer who realized after the fact, as will you, that the iphone does not accommudate a turn of 90 degrees without consequence. So be forewarned that viewing requires a tilt of the head or screen at about 10 seconds into it. But no tilt is needed for the audio which features the end of Ann and Monk's great rendition of "God Bless the Child."
Barb's Video

Pilgrimage Sunday, 2014

Other Pilgrimages
Dedication of new ramp & memorial garden.
Pilgrimage Sunday, 2012.

Honoring Rev. Dr. Lynn Ashley with title of Minister Emerita.
Pilgrimage Sunday, 2011.