The Free Voice of Barneveld, is the newsletter of the Unitarian Church of Barneveld.  
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Past Newsletters are available in PDF from Dec. 2005 to now.  They will be forwarded upon request.
Susan Knight, 2016 editor

2013 03Mar03 From Jesus movement to Christ Cult.
2013 03Mar17 Rebecca, the manipulator.
2013 03Mar24 One Woman's Journey through Organized Religion.
2013 03Mar31 Should Unitarians celebrate Easter?
2013 04Apr14 A Story of Conflict on the Way to Canon.
2013 04Apr21 Leah, who seemed the winner.
2013 04Apr28 Albert Schweitzer - Dan Berggren.
2013 05May19 Rachel, who felt that she lost.
2013 05May26 The Great Gatsby - The True American Tragedy.
2013 06Jun02 The Religion of America
2013 06Jun09 Cancer and Community.
2013 06Jun16 Pilgrimage at Unitarian Church of Barneveld
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