2015-16 IE1 Startups

After participation in  a design  challenge, visiting area businesses, and learning the human centered design process the 
Innovative Entrepreneurs designed their own innovative solution to help solve the problems.  Using this highly successful design process they will be creating their own innovative startups. Click here for media feedback on  their preliminary IE Startup Pitches and here for their IE Startup Websites & Final Showcase Presentations

2015-16 Alumni IE Team Pages

The Innovative Entrepreneurs began their journey in class by entering a world-wide design competition. This involved designing an innovative solution to help solve the problem of finding ways to better educate refugees. Competition was a 90 day design sprint that took students through the same design process they will use to create their own innovative startups. The students competed this  while working in our mobile classroom within area businesses. In addition to submitting their entries which are viewed by and peer edited internationally, they created landing pages and websites for the innovative solutions to be viewed by the public. To find out more about their innovation solutions to a global problem please visit their sites below. Final Social Entrepreneur projects  were completed and submitted to the challenge 10/22/15: