Community Connections (Hosting)
  • Why? Being involved with business owners, seeing day-to-day operations, and hearing their lean startup stories will inspire students.

  • How? Learning how owners succeeded using human centered/problem based design will guide students in their design process. They will gain creative confidence through other lean startup success stories.

  • When & Where?  Monday-Friday 8:30-9:45 am, we will conduct class within a different area business.

Mentor-Team Connection (Mentoring)

  • Why? “The planning of the lone genius is not as successful as building on the ideas of others.”-David Kelley, IDEO. Having mentors supports this class vision and promotes success.

  • How? Students cooperatively work in teams. Mentors comment on their team website. Developing this supportive creative culture is critical to student success.

  • Where? On Google Sites to connect teams/teacher/business partners.

Thank you to our Business Hosts (in order of our visits):
  1. Dr. Finn Amble
  2. Dr. Aaron Rossi
  3. Fox and Hounds 
  4. State Farm Corporate Headquarters
  5. State Farm Innovation Department
  6. Next Door
  7. Bellas Landscaping
  8. Link's Golf Course
  9. Avanti's
  10. Midwest Foodbank
  11. Uptown Station-Steeped Tea
  12. Fabulous Affairs
  13. Rader's Farm
  14. Pony Baseball
  15. Casey's Garden
  16. The Tool Library and Westside project
  17. Epiphany Farms/Restaurants & Aju Above
  18. Batter Up
  19. Kelly's Bakery
  20. Red Racoon Games
  21. Meltdown
  22. Medici
  23. Hilton
  24. Sugar Mama
  25. Coffee Hound
  26. Specs Around Town
  27. Internrocket
  28. Mavida
  29. Maxlider
  30. Slingshot
  31. Coldwell Banker (various businesses)
  32. Trunk Bay Homes
  33. Fusion Brew
  34. Select Screen Prints
  35. Wildcountry
  36. McLean County Chambers of Commerce(various businesses)
  37. Noodles 
  38. Cherry Berry
  39. Scott Kording Attorney
  40. YNIS
  41. StarNet
  42. The Pit
  43. Four Seasons
  44. Camp For
  45. Escape Bloomington 
  46. Illinois Fusion
  47. Milestones
  48. Deb Halperin IWU
  49. Reads 
  50. Gametime Gym
  51. Economic Development Council
  52. HyVee
  53. Envy Salon 
  54. Uptown Gifts
  55. Biaggi's
  56. Walt Disney World
  57. Kelly Jordan
  58. Farnsworth
  59. Open Source
  60. Destihl
  61. Children's Discovery Museum
  62. Busey Bank
  63. Quick Pix/Bergeron Photography
  64. Speak Easy
  65. How Do We
  66. BN Invest(Various)
  67. Ray Berta and Associates
  68. Marriott
  69. BOPI
  70. Axel Jimenez, State Farm Agent
  71. Cookies By Design
  72. Mirus
  73. WJBC
  74. The Rock
  75. The Cookie Dough Cafe
  76. The Music Shoppe
Thank you to 
our Mentors:


Ann Ulitzsch

Aaron McArdle

Aaron Rossi

Adam Bellas

Brian Thede

Casey Pirtle

Cristina Esposito

Denise Geske

Dick Smith

Doan Winkel

Finn Amble

Jamie Mathy

Jo Hundman


Linda Rader

Lisa Lockenvitz

Lynn Rader

Myron King

Sarah Hovar

Sonja Reece

Tim Tilton

Todd Anderson

Vicki Tilton

Virgil Hovar