What impacts games have on society and individuals?

Games have huge impacts on individuals such as excessive playing times, social isolation, cost and separation from reality, games can also be beneficial for example it can improve hand-eye coordination, Brain train, improves your thinking and strategy etc. 

 Effects on society

Excessive playing times:

As games are always being made improved, fun etc. they can get really addictive at times and ends up making users spend to much time on game and forgetting the consequences of it, the consequences are that it can play around with there work, lifestyle and health e.g. if a user who had been addicted to a game all night forgetting that they have work the next morning can prevent them from working at there best due to the lack of sleep, which will stop there concentration and focus within work, also in terms of lifestyle it will stop users from forgetting what their priorities are in life in terms of activity, family, friends etc. as they are letting the game prioritise there time. The health issues in the long terms of frequently playing game can lead to things like eye strain, headaches, carpal tunnel etc. 

Click here to watch the: Harmful effect of excessive gaming

Social isolation:

Social isolation is a very common effect, as it has a massive impact on  young individuals who sit as home for most of there time at home, the other short time they will go school etc. soon as school is finished they will comeback home and play game on there PC or game console, this will have a massive effect on them in the long term as it will make individuals feel very depressed and lonely, gradually getting used to being lonely and not seeing people which will make it very difficult for them to communicating with others, this can make things difficult for the individual in the reality point of when it comes to a job interview etc. you will not successfully pass it due to your confidence being really low because of how much you have isolated your self society.


 Gaming and purchasing games is a really impact and effect on individuals due to games costing at ridiculous prices like the minimum of £40 which is a lot for a single game as this money could be spent on something better that may actually be necessity to the individuals life, when you round up the number of games that have purchased will add up to a massive amount e.g. if you was to have had about 100 games at a minimum cost of £40 this will all add to £4000, if you think of this in the reality point this is near enough for a used car and maybe even be someones annual yearly wage, costs is a impact on users in terms of how much money they will need to spend in order to stay up to date with the latest games.  

Separation from reality:

Separation from reality is a effect on individuals because when users playing games for a long time and becoming addicted to it can lead to them from forgetting what is happening in reality because they choose the gaming world is their reality because say for example a game like "Battlefield" where you can kill people is fun for them, blowing up building, rocket launching cars, people etc. is a lot more fun than the reality, since they know they cant do this in the real life world they try as much as possible make games reality. 

Here is link to show a example of a individual who had mimicked the gaming world into reality and had ended awfully, it has now been taken off store shelves due to what it has caused to an individuals life from being ended: Manhunt


Hand-Eye coordination:

Hand-Eye coordination is a benefit due to the user always moving the controls from a distance to create a movement on their screen or smartphone or tablet that they are playing on, example of a good game that uses hand-eye coordination would be a application which is called "Box the bag" this is a game application which is styled like Kinect and Wii games, where users literally use their tablet to box the bag, users will punch the boxing bag that has specific targets linked to their smartphone or tablets camera in order to test the accuracy of jabs and punches, this is like the only one game on smartphone or tablets where user employ their body to meet visual targets. 

Brain training:

There are games that have been created where users a required to use their brain a lot in order to train so they can learn what they need to do within the game and have quite a bit of puzzles in them for users to learn and having fun at the same time, a good example of a brain training game is "Medal of Honor" which is a game which is based on the history of war which will explain to users about some of the things that had happened in that time, these parts of the game are put into the cut scenes for users to watch before each mission so they can educate themselves at the same time. 

Thinking and strategy games:

Thinking and strategy game are a benefit to users  because it will help them with skills like problem solving and being able to work independently, these types of game are done in real life time and form a computer system or smart devices that have these kinds of games on their app store, an example of a  thinking and strategy game is "Civilization" this is because there is a lot of thinking and strategy required as you are running a civilization by yourself and using all the strategies you know on how to improve and develop the whole city. Thinking and strategy games have a beneficial impact on individuals in the real world within work because the skills that they have developed from the game they can use it within work. 

Future impact: 

The future impacts of gaming can be an effects to individuals because when users start playing game for a really long time  users may tend to find long terms effects within their body e.g. eye-sight issues from a long distance due to eyes becoming weak, and your body may have a repetitive strain injury due to the same movement being made from the user over time, they may also mess their body posture due to the way they have seated for the hours of gaming they had performed which will gradually change the posture of their body, most individuals will be required to have eye surgery because a layer of their eye has been damaged or has been cross eye. 

Impact on mainstream application development benefits society because if you look back at the very old computer operating system which was MS-DOS, it was a text interface OS which was hard to operate, this OS required users to have a understanding of how the OS was operated which was by typing in commands or instruction. Games like "Pong" had a impact because this game helped to develop a more graphical based interface as  well as hardware devices like joysticks and control pad to enhance users experience and to make it easier for the user to interact with the game.

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