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  About 25% of the total energy used in industry is known to spend in moving vehicles through air or water, or fluids along pipes and canals, and fluids can be a process carrier or material through which transport, separation and conversion processes occur. Thus, understanding of flows is of huge technological importance in aerodynamic and hydrodynamic applications.

  In this aspect, we perform research on topics of energetic flows both ranging from fundamental to applied engineering to understanding, predicting and controlling flows. The research includes studies of turbulent flows with physical modeling, fluid-structure interaction problems and multi-phase flows with computational modeling, aiming at development of high-efficient energy-generating (or -saving) systems based on numerical simulations and experimental measurement (or visualization) techniques.

Research area

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  MS, PhD and post-doc positions are available in the lab. Person who is interested in pursuing the positions are encouraged to contact Prof. Lee (jhlee06 dot unist.ac.kr).