Vision Statement Describing a Superior School Library Program

The library media program mission statement in Information Power 2 states, "The mission of the library media program is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information"  (ALA, 1999, p.6).

"Information literacy-the ability to find and use information-is the keystone of lifelong learning.  Creating a foundation for lifelong learning is at the heart of the school library media program."  American Library Association 

It is my vision that a superior library media program should be at the heart of the school where everyone has a voice.  

The library is a place where students and teachers can come to read and access books, 
technology, and other resources freely, safely, and in a comfortable setting.

The teacher librarian should provide an excellent library program that motivates and build a love for reading.  
The librarian will provide quality books and a large variety of other materials for its patrons to access at any time.  

The librarian should be committed to creating and maintaining a trusting, caring, creative, interactive, and orderly
 environment where teaching and learning are exciting and students are assisted as they develop responsibility.  

Students will become independent, lifelong learners of information through instruction of information and
 technology literacy, quality learning experiences, and collaborative activities with the other
 students,teachers, others outside the walls of the school, and the teacher librarian.  

The teacher librarian should assist the students and teachers in finding and using information successfully.  

The library will also be a place where active learning is constantly taking place to stimulate a successful environment and experience.

  It will be designed to accommodate all learning styles and lead students to success. 

 The library will be a place to provide opportunities for students and teachers to effectively 
use information and ideas for learning social responsibility and personal growth.