Program Administrator

    As the "program administrator or manger of the school library program", the teacher librarian must become the principal advocate for the school library program.  "The mission of the library media program is to ensure the students and staff are effective users of ideas and information" (ALA, 1998, p.6) and the teacher librarian must bring this mission into our schools and educate the learning community about this statement.  By being armed with this knowledge and insights, we are capable of being wonderful leaders who make an impact on the future of our students, teachers, community, and world.  

    As program administrator, the teacher librarian is at the heart of running the library.  They must make sure the library is running smoothly, oversee other library employees and volunteers, maintain the budget and equipment, and other essential roles.  I serve as the chief advocate for the library program within Van Meter Community School.  I have made a commitment to make a difference and raise awareness within our school, community, and world.  I will do everything I can to meet the needs to our libraries.  

    I am a leader within our school and serve various leadership and decision making capacities. I enjoy presenting to groups that come to Van Meter to witness the educational transformation that is taking place.  It is important for teacher librarians to gain leadership knowledge and opportunities through serving on committees, being involved in professional organizations, and most of all creating a change and educational transformation!  As the technology coordinator and teacher librarian, I am also part of the group that has created the technology plan for our district and have an important role in the 1:1 laptop initiative within our school.  I serve on Van Meter's School Improvement Advisory Committee. I also serve on the Van Meter Education Foundation.    I know that I can make an even bigger impact on our school, teachers, and children through my continued involvement in these groups. 

    I will be a leader for years to come within our school and community.  I love challenges and creating change, noise, and transformation!  This is the perfect job for me! 

  • I have worked with developing a relationship with Dale Ferrio, CEO of  FreshBrain , and the Van Meter Schools.  This is very important to the virtual reality and technology capacity within our school.  
  • One tool that has organized me within my busy schedule as program administrator is my  Google Calendar which I  use for my various schedules and  MacLab Signup.  I share my Google Calendar with my associate Diana Hockenberry and administrators, so they are also informed.  I use my Google Calendar for my lesson plans and it is synced to my phone and iTouch, which makes it very easy to use.  
  • Van Meter Flowchart for Technology Assistance is attached.  This shows my role in the technology integration and support at Van Meter.  
  • Van Meter Digital Literacy Curriculum 
  • Van Meter K-12 Library Science Curriculum
  • Van Meter Technology Plan 

I developed the Think, Lead, and Serve Google Site for our district to highlight the great things that are happening within our school! 

Also, I created the ThinkLeadServe wiki to be used by people all over 
the world to share and discuss educational transformation.  
Presenting to the SAI in West Des Moines about the educational transformation taking place within Van Meter School! 

Van Meter Presents to SAI!

Shannon Miller,
Feb 16, 2010, 12:11 PM