What is BRIDGE

BRIDGE is a project funded by the European Research Council (ERC) under the Call "Ideas" StG2012 (Project Number. 305377). The Project has a duration of 48 months, and has started on September 2012.

The BRIDGE ERC project has the ambitious goals to (i) bridge the existing technological gap between geochemical and geophysical observations at volcanoes. This will be achieved by designing, setting up, and deploying in the field, innovative instruments for 1 Hz observation of volcanic SO2 and CO2 fluxes; (ii) bringing together co-acquired volcanic gas and geophysical information into a single interpretative framework, therefore contributing to fill our current gap of knowledge on fast (timescales of seconds/minutes) degassing processes, and to deeper exploration of the role played by gas exsolution from (and migration through) silicate liquids as effective source mechanisms of the physical signals (e.g., LP and VLP seismicity, and tremor) measured at volcanoes; and (iii) finally yield to improved modelling/understanding of a variety of volcanic features, including modes/rates of gas separation from magmas, mechanisms of gas/magma flow in conduits, and trigger mechanisms of explosive volcanic eruptions.

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