We try to maintain an open and honest approach in a situation involving discipline. It is our goal to help our students learn not only the rules and regulations set up for each individual classroom but to help them develop accepted social interaction skills needed to play and work harmoniously with other children and adults now as well as in the future.

A number of methods are used to implement discipline. One method often used is getting a student interested in another activity after explaining the concept of "taking turns and your turn will be soon". This is a very effective way of easing the tension in a confrontational situation. Most importantly, we communicate to all our students what is and what is not acceptable behavior and reinforce positive behaviors throughout the school year.

Our nursery school ensures the physical and mental health, safety and welfare of all students in attendance and will at all times maintain an atmosphere conducive for a child's growth and development.

Intervention techniques may include:

  • Distraction, diversion, redirection
  • Consistency
  • Patience
  • Reinforcement of good behavior
  • Discussion of what to do and what not to do, including following established rules
  • Giving choices – the chance to use his/her own judgment, even if mistakes are made
  • Use of praise when behavior improves
  • Eye contact to get child’s attention before discussion
  • Use of prevention – guiding children to acceptable behavior
  • Brief removal from the group, always under staff supervision and always visible