Our curriculum has been formulated to prepare our students emotionally, academically, and socially for Kindergarten. The Units covered during the school year include activities that provide development in the following areas:

Social Development

Self-Help Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills

Math Skills

Expressive Language Skills

Receptive Language Skills

Cognitive Pre-Reading Skills

Pre-Writing Skills

Science Awareness

We are aware that children learn and mature differently. Our goal is to guide each of our students individually as they grow both socially and developmentally. A positive and happy environment is so beneficial for children to learn and mature. Union Village Nursery School provides just that – an atmosphere in which our students feel comfortable, secure and appreciated.

This is accomplished by providing SECURITY:

We believe that children learn through play, hands-on experience, and planned activities. Experiences are provided to foster creativity, to work out social issues, to think about possible solutions, and to encourage readiness skills for further education.

Many developmentally appropriate activities are provided, including those:

  • To promote language development, encourage thinking and problem solving skills, exploration, and social competence
  • To recognize varied cultural backgrounds and foster intercultural awareness and sharing
  • To allow flexible time to explore spontaneous inquiries and suggestions from the children

Union Village Nursery School recognizes the whole learning spectrum, including experiences such as: