New York State Earned Income Credit

New York State has an Earned Income Credit, which is an automatic 30% of the Federal Earned Income Credit amount.  TaxWise should compute this credit automatically and report it on Line 65 on page 4 of the IT-201.
Like the federal counterpart, all New York EITC credits are refundable.
More information is available at this link.
Non-custodial Earned Income Credit:
In addition, New York State ALSO offers a special "Non-custodial parent" earned income credit to non-custodial parent taxpayers who have made all court-ordered child support payments on time.  If a taxpayer believes s/he is eligible for this credit, you should fill out the required information.  You can do this by linking from Line 66 on page 4 of the NY IT-201.  The state Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance will automatically verify eligiblity. 
A taxpayer will not receive both the regular EITC on Line 65 and the non-custodial EITC on Line 66, but will only receive the higher of the two amounts, if eligible for both.   
NOTE:  A non-custodial parent who claims the non-custodial EITC on line 66 does NOT in any way interfere with the right of the custodial parent to claim the EITC on line 65.
 Pub NY-310 linked at left has more information about all of New York's earned income credits.