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Ways to qualify for an Exemption from ACA penalties ("Shared Responsibility Payments")

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Table of Lowest Cost Bronze Plans (currently goes to 2016 values/ will be updated for 2017)

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 A few key points to keep in mind about dependents & filing status.


     commonly used codes on Sched C
        624410  Child care services (babysitting)
        567120  Janitorial services (cleaning)
        567130  Landscaping services (lawn care/mowing)
        611000 Educational services (tutoring)





(useful for figuring out withholding or estimated tax payments)
IRS app for estimating sales tax deduction 
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  • When will my Federal Refund come?
    NEW:  Refunds from returns with refundable credits (EITC, Additional Child Tax Credit, American Opportunity Credit) will be DELAYED until mid February this year.  The IRS expects to issue most refunds on other types of returns within 3 weeks.

    Mary O'Keeffe,
    Feb 2, 2009, 10:30 AM