Officers for 2015

Randolph A. Henderson  -  Most Excellent High Priest

Guy F. Notte  -  Excellent King

Gregory J. LaConte  -  Excellent Scribe

James D. Matear  -  Treasurer

RE Michael A. DeMiro Jr., DDGHP  -  Secretary

RE John M. Povich Jr, GT  -  Captain of the Host

Jason S. Eberhardt  -  Principal Sojourner

Andreas N. Hoeverman  -  Royal Arch Captain

Christopher M. Provost  -  Grand Master 3rd Veil

David R. Berger  -  Grand Master 2nd Veil

Julio Valentin  -  Grand Master 1st Veil

Brandon W. McCune  -  Chaplain

Jack Russoniello  -  Tyler

RE Alexandru D.Aldea, GC  -  Historian

Thomas Ubriaco, III  -  Organist

Trustees:  Robert J. Bolcar Jr 2016  |  Frederick I. Waldron 2017  |  Sean H. McNorton 2018


Audit & Finance:  Benjamin J. Campos, Jason S. Eberhardt

Benevolence:  Randolph A. Henderson, Frederick I. Waldron, Michael A. DeMiro, Jr

Budget:  Michael A. DeMiro Jr, James D. Matear, Randolph A. Henderson

Historical:  Alexandru D. Aldea, Randolph A. Henderson

Ritual:  Frederick I. Waldron, Sean H. McNorton

Social Events & Planning:  Michael A. DeMiro Jr, Randolph A. Henderson, Guy F. Notte

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