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High Priest's Message

Dear Companions,

Our institution is built or a solid foundation, fashioned from the strongest stone and hewn by the most. dedicated hands.
The stones, which form its base, are burdensome and not easily carried. Our Past High Priests therefore showed great dedication,
courage and strength in carrying these burdens and assembling them so that we could build the Chapter we have and enjoy now. These
stones are named and familiar to you- Faith, Hope, Charity, Dedication, Ritual, Education, Companionship and a great many more.

I could go back decades in appreciation to Past High Priests and their actions in perseverance of our institution but I will
begin with Excellent Aldea and his actions. Companion Aldea began his year as he does everything, with lofty aspirations, strong
resolution and a stubborn mindset that has served him well. He wanted Union to add to its ranks, but not just a few applicants, but
the most applicants that could be remembered in recent history. He wanted all ritual memorized, just like Blue Lodge and he wanted it
performed at the same standard as Blue Lodge; believing we would get the same result of awe and inspiration that Blue Lodge ritual
does. He set himself to make the events that year something to enjoy and to look forward to participating in, His goals were high but
we know he accomplished them.

In the 2018 September message from Excellent LaConte, he expressed his appreciation for the humility and dedication of our
Chapter during the Festival that summer. He spoke not of the pride that we know welled inside him after our Companions performed not
only precise ritual but moving ritual, but he spoke of how humbling it was to watch so many Companions strive to meet that excellence
and stirring occurrence.

As we enter this year, if we wish to honor and keep what those Companions bestowed upon us, we must dedicate ourselves to
strive to higher goals, We cannot merely wish or hope but must take action to keep that foundation so painstakingly built by sacrifice
strong. The foundation does not remain solid absent our actions but in response to them. I call upon each of you reading this message
to awaken that desire within you, to be part of something special and act upon that desire. If you can perform ritual -- volunteer and
participate in our degrees. If you can teach -- volunteer and educate your fellow companions. If you can work -- volunteer and help to 
create events that enliven our spirits and Companionship. You do not have to do all this. You do not have to attend every meeting. You
especially do not need to berate yourself for having difficulty coming out in the past or in the future, as this helps no one. Instead make
the effort and witness how that one small action can ignite a spark that will explode into the best efforts our Chapter can hope for. Be part
of the experience. 

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Jason Eberhardt

HP Union Chapter # 7 RAM

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