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High Priest's Message

My Dear Companion,

First, I would like to say how humbled I am, with the confidence reposed in me, to lead Union Chapter #7 RAM into the 2016 Capitular year.  I see now, how awesome this responsibility is, and I will do my level best to fill the shoes of the Companions who have come this way before.  I say with confidence, that I am proud to be a member of a Chapter of Companions such as these!  Of the many duties of a Mason, spreading light is one that is all important.  Though to the uninitiated what we do may seem strange, to us it is a connection to the Great I Am that enables us to spread the light of knowledge.  It is this light that will help the uninitiated find understanding. 

As we move into the coming year, I will, with your help and input, find ways to challenge not only the understanding of the mind, but of the heart.  We are tasked with bringing positive change to our Companions and Brethren all, to our family and friends, but most importantly to ourselves.  It is THIS light that will help us shine as a beacon to all whom we encounter and interact with.  This light will burn all the brighter for our zeal.  This responsibility is even more awesome, and I am once again humbled that I have such a team of Companions to be a part of, that I am SURE we will be successful! 

Finally, Companions, during this Yule Season, remember not only the duties you have heard so frequently inculcated and forcibly recommended, but, most importantly remember that these generous principals should extend further.  That is the great gift of masonry to the world.

Randolph Henderson
Most Excellent High Priest 2016

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