GBX - Google Bookmarks Extension for Chrome

This Google Bookmarks extension for Google Chrome regularly pulls down your Google Bookmarks into Chrome in order to share them across browsers.

Latest release - 2.3.5 (August 18, 2009) - Download extension | Release notes

The extension requires a recent dev-channel version of Chrome ( at time of writing).  As the Chrome extension system is still in development, there may be bugs and problems, so if you choose to use this extension, you do so at your own risk.  It is highly recommended that you back up your bookmarks before installing as it will delete your existing Chrome bookmarks and replace them with your Google Bookmarks.

If you want to check it out, download the .crx file below for the extension, or the .zip file if you want to look at the source code.

Any comments or suggestions, please leave a comment below

  • Backup your Chrome bookmarks if you want to keep them
  • Create a chrome shortcut with the command-line option --enable-extensions
  • Download google-bookmarks.crx - Chrome will prompt you to install the extension.
  • The extension will automatically download your bookmarks on browser startup
  • Tags will be converted to folders
    • Tags with "/" in them will be converted to nested folders, e.g. "fred/barney" will create a folder fred, with a subfolder barney
    • The tag "Bookmarks bar" will add the bookmark to the bookmarks bar.  This can be combined with "/" to create folders on the bookmarks bar.
    • Unlabeled bookmarks, and folders other than Bookmarks bar will go into "Other Bookmarks"
  • The extension adds a star icon to your omnibox.  The colour of this star changes as follows:
    • Red: You are not logged in, or there are problems downloading bookmarks.  If the former, click on the star to open the login page.
    • Yellow: This page is already bookmarked - click on the star to edit.
    • Clear: Click on the star to bookmark this page in Google Bookmarks.  Changes are then re-downloaded to the browser.
  • To resync at any time, click the star, then choose "Refresh" from the menu at the top of the window.
  • To access options, click the star, then choose "Options" from the menu
  • This is a one-way sync only, it will  not upload any Chrome bookmarks to Google.  Always make changes on Google Bookmarks rather than Chrome to ensure your changes are kept.

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