Welcome to the new world of Operating System Implementation and Development

UNIDOS is an Open Source, Freeware created by Pranay Choudhary and Rajeev Srivastava


        UNIDOS has been developed by us as our 8th semester project of BE ( of VTU ).    Under the guidance of Mrs Nagarathna P. (HOD and Assist. Professor, Computer Science Department, SVCE Bangalore), this project was developed within a period of six months.

        Presently, the Operating System has the following features: Interrupt Controller, Keyboard Controller, Video Controller, Floppy Disk Controller, DMA Controller, Timer, IO support, Monolithic Kernel, Multitasking support and Character-User-Interface Command-Line shell. The UNIDOS shell is able to execute the commands of both UNIX and MS-DOS, hence the name UNIDOS.

        The present code (last updated on 29th May, 2009) is available here. You can directly view this OS without compiling the source code using this Virtual Machine image. Open this image in VMWare (check that the path of virtual floppy image in Virtual Machine settings is same as the path of the image on your disk).Then start this virtual machine to boot UNIDOS. Please note that this is not the final release. UNIDOS is open source, freeware so you are free to modify and distribute this code without any restrictions. Request for any help or support will be entertained. 

        To learn the basics of Operating System Development, try the Tutorial on Wikipedia.

        All the documents and Source Code related to UNIDOS are available on this website.

 About the Developers: