World Geography Pre-AP Agenda


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Day 1 of research project: 
Review the directions/rubric  posted 1/12
Complete this outline and submit to ebackpack before you begin your project
Click the file below for a copy of research strategies that the librarian explained

Martin Luther King Jr.

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As we are not in school today it is a wonderful opportunity to volunteer within your community. This can help in the ever continuing work to make our community, state, country, and world at large a better place for all. This is also a time to reflect on the continuing struggle for equality and a reminder that our country is a work in progress. We must remind our selves of where we come from in order to measure progress and set goals for the future.

I encourage you to look through these included articles and listen to the full "I Have A Dream Speech."  
Readings & Videos about the Struggle for Equality
More MLK speeches:
Beyond Vietnam -- A Time to Break Silence

Australia/ NZ Project

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- Australia Sketch Maps (The maps you draw can be used on the test)
  *Two maps need to be drawn: One with political features & one with physical features.
  *Using colors and a key will help you create maps that are easier for you to use on the map test.
- Introduce Australia


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Last full class day before the semester exam:
1) Finish Review
2) Quizizz
3) Kahoot!
4) Turn-in Review to ebackpack

Play again to study: 
Kahoot! Pin=0106577
Quizizz Pin=556892


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Agenda 12/13/2017

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Agenda 12/11/2017

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- Culture Study - Catalonian Independence Reading
- Questions in ebackpack - Due by the end of class

Agenda 12/07/2017

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