Termination Fee applied by 
Unicom t/a Universal Utilities Ltd

This blog gives details of my experience with Unicom, I have shown all invoices, debt chasing letters and included a diary of exactly how I approached the problem.I hope it helps if you are in the same situation.

I had some sound advice from unicom-complaints.co.uk which is operated independently of Unicom, I followed their advice and it certainly made a difference.

Here is a short insight to my story below;

The decision was made to close the business and cease trading at the end of January 2015, all arrangements were made to cease trading including giving Unicom plenty of notice.

In the first instance I was told that Unicom required two months notice and proof of cease of trading, a letter from my accountant would be acceptable and any termination fees would be waived.

A further phone call was made nearer the time and I was then told by Unicom that a letter was not acceptable and they would need to see my company dissolved at companies house and again any termination fees would be removed from my account on the final invoice.

Finally on the last, rather heated telephone call which I had with their debt collection department, I was told if the company was dissolved the termination fees would be now be reviewed i.e not waived. Here we have inconsistency from Unicom, this cannot be right.

The shop closed at the end January 2015, final accounts submitted and in early November of this year we submitted a request to companies house to dissolve the company. A couple of weeks later Unicom have objected to this at companies house and the process has been put on hold.

Looking at their terms and conditions it clearly states that a letter from an accountant is acceptable.

I have been harassed from this company with numerous phone calls, threatened with legal action and investigating me as a director alongside draft court papers and monthly invoices with interest. 

I know I am not alone in dealing with Unicom. The crunch of the matter is Unicom have objected to my company strike off after telling me that is what they would like see before waiving the termination fees.

I have submitted a formal complaint to Unicom but I am sure this will not get me anywhere so I am preparing to contact Ofcom in the mean time.

The correspondence link will show all the letters chasing the debt including draft court papers and the invoice link shows how the termination fee was applied and how the invoice totals escalated each month.

The diary below records how I approached the situation and concluded it.


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