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About this Wiki
This site is the home for the development and coordination of the activities of Unfettered Mind, including the development of sections of the website, the development of strategy for Unfettered Mind, coordination of retreats and other events, and development of newsletters, among others. You can create new projects and collaborate with others on them, or do any number of other things.

For existing guidelines and tools for managing events see the Practical Applications Page.

For guidelines for online groups and peer groups, go to the Group Support Section.

To learn about Unfettered Mind's vision and strategy, go to the Strategy Section.

Or wander around as your whimsy takes you.

Getting Involved
You can read this wiki freely, without registration or login. To contribute to the wiki requires that registration.  To register send a message to Ken with the subject line: Wiki Registration describing your interest in the wiki and what you would like to contribute.

Once registered you'll be able edit existing and create  new material.  To access the editing and organising functions of the wiki, click on the Sign In link at the very bottom of This page.

Help for Learning to Use the Wiki
A first port of call for help on creating, editing and formatting pages on the wiki is Google Sites' Help Center.  Click HERE to access the Center.  For starters, read the sections on creating pages, page actions and formatting pages.  See also the Help Forum page.

Evolution of the Wiki
As this wiki evolves, we will discover what works and what doesn't. For instance, Another Perspective offers some helpful comments on dangers and pitfalls inherent in such a system, and possible ways to counteract them.

Registered users are able to edit most of the pages here, so if you see a better way of doing things, feel free to make changes. 

Working with this wiki takes a little getting used to. And if things look a little messy, it's because we're in the process of re-organzing  the structure and content, as the direction and purpose of the wiki are now different from what they were.  

We'll obviously have to develop some etiquette and understandings. You might enjoy reading The Wiki Way  put together by some of the original developers of the Wiki.   If you're considering some major edits to a page initiated by someone else, you could start by making comments on the page, and then make changes based on your conversation. 

All the best,