YOUNGO Earns Full Constituency Status

Dear Youth,

We are excite to announce that YOUNGO was just awarded full constituency status at the UNFCCC!! This announcement is being made simultaneously at COY as I write, and also on this list, so that all youth in YOUNGO can have the chance to learn about this historic announcement at the same time.

A little bit of history
In 2009, a few hardworking members of what was then called the International Youth Delegation applied for an received constituency status within the UNFCCC under the name YOUNGO (youth nongovernmental organisations), giving youth for the first time official recognition and voice within the negotiations. (See attached for the original letter confirming our acceptance.)

BUT, this status was provisional - giving YOUNGO a period over which to prove to the rest of the UNFCCC and civil society that it could be a valuable and powerful force within the negotiations. In 2011, YOUNGO's status and successes would be reviewed by the UNFCCC, and either YOUNGO would receive final approval to become a constituency, or else it would be rejected, and youth would once again have to fight to be heard and recognized in the negotiations (even more than we already have to).

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU - your creative actions, your inspiring stories from home, your powerful interventions, your smart policy work, and so much more, YOUNGO now has full and lasting rights within the UNFCCC.

This is status can be revoked, if YOUNGO fails to demonstrate that it continues to be a productive and contributive member of the negotiations, including by violating too many UNFCCC rules. This is the same standard that all constituencies are held to. And being a full constituency does not mean we will have to work any less hard to create the kind of future we see in our minds, for ourselves and future generations. If anything, it means that we will have to fight even harder, because now we have been given more power to.


For the Bottomlining Team and Focal Points

<Below is the official recognition email sent by the Secretariat's constituency liaison, Megumi Endo>

-------- Mensagem original --------

Dear Constituency Focal Point,

Thank you again for providing the activity summary of the youth
constituency.  I am pleased to inform you that the UNFCCC secretariat has
made a decision to formally recognize the group of youth NGOs (YOUNGO) in
our process as a constituency of its own but with high expectations of the
management team of the secretariat that YOUNGO will make further efforts to
promote the code of conduct within the constituency, which was reported as
one of the tasks of the focal points in the aforementioned summary.  Please
take this caveat seriously.

Listed below are the services that the secretariat provides to

    During sessions:
        Office space with one to two workstations and printer access at
        the sessions of the Conferences of the Parties (not during
        subsidiary bodies or ad-hoc working group sessions) resource
        Facilitation for intervention possibilities during the official
        meetings time permitting;
        Facilitation for briefings and bilateral meetings with Chairs of
        subsidiary bodies, ad-hoc working groups and other officials time
        Advance room allocation and announcement for constituency daily
        meetings resource permitting;
        Announcement of the pocal point contact information in brochures
        and on website; and
        Facilitation for limited-access meetings.

    In between sessions:
        Invitations to limited-access workshops;
        Invitation to constituency focal points meetings;
        Recommendation of the constituency focal point to other UN
        processes as a representative of the civil society organizations
        in our process.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend the continuous valuable
inputs from the YOUNGO to the process and the hard work of the focal points
in coordinating this constituency.


Megumi Endo
Observer Organizations Liaison Officer
Conference Affairs Services
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Adrian Yeo,
Nov 28, 2011, 8:47 AM