Actions WG

Hi all,
For those of you inside the Conference today, there will be an Actions WG meeting - 4pm-5pm at Cancunmesse in the Youth booth area.
Please do not see the rules as something that should limit your creativity, but rather something to bear in mind while planning the most original actions/initiatives so that we do not get a frontal refusal from the secretariat but respect their key sensibility and still unleash our imaginative thinking (well, some of them are still very frustrating, we all share this feeling and will keep working with the Secretariat to address this issue). 

First a couple of links. There is the rather general code of conduct regulating civil society participation at the UNFCCC. There are also more specific guidelines on how to record meetings. And to conclude, here are the security guidelines. Please do have a quick look, in particular if you plan actions within the UNFCCC venue.