Parking Enforcement Services

Parking Enforcement Services is a division of Wilson Parking Australia.  Parking Enforcement Services uses wheel clamping techniques in its Western Australian operations that are banned in most other states of Australia.  
Parking Enforcement Services also issue standard pay and display fines to driver's windscreens.  One of their techniques is to fine you first, and if you don't pay, they wheel clamp you next time they see your car on their property.  Have a look at this fine from Parking Enforcement Services and you will see it says "if you do not pay by the date indicated, the vehicle will be placed on a vehicle immobilisation list and may be clamped in future". 
See the links on the side bar at the left to understand your options in dealing with standard fines from Parking Enforcement Services.  See FAQ05 if you have received a letter from them.  See FAQ03 if you have only received a fine on your windscreen so far.   

Parking Enforcement Services use Mettam Legal to send out legal letters of demand.

The Clayton's appeal process

"The appeal you have when you're not having an appeal"
Be careful about writing any appeal to Parking Enforcement Services.  People have written to me to tell that they have written quite long and specific letters of appeal (e.g. being sick or being in an accident) to Parking Enforcement Services only to have the company write a standard letter such as this, which doesn't even acknowledge their appeal, nor does it address any of the issues they raised in their appeal.
 The Parking Enforcement Services appeals process appears to be a sham.  Parking Enforcement Services will only accept appeals under their terms and conditions and they do not consider appeals under compassionate or other grounds.  Appeals can be loged by email using the email address on the contact page of their website.  Their website says that appeals will be handled within 7 days, but in practice, it have been found they usually take over 2 months.  And then, you will get back a bland "your appeal has been rejected" reply from Parking Enforcement Services without explaining why your appeal has been rejected.  

Parking Enforcement Services in Queensland

Parking Enforcement Services are now operating in Queensland where a loophole in legislation allows them to obtain vehicle owner's names and addresses without an order from a court.

PES debt collectors

If you don't pay Parking Enforcement Services, they will refer you to their debt collectors Australian Recoveries and Collections.  ARC's standard way of working is to send you 3 reminders, and then stop writing to you. And then on the anniversary of the notice, they will send you an offer to pay with a 50% discount.

Caught issuing fake fines

Parking Enforcement Service's has been caught by the ACT Office of Fair Trading issuing fake fines.  They have been forced to enter into an enforceable undertaking with the Office of Fair Trading (basicaly having to promise never to do it again or get taken straight to court).  PES have been caught issuing fake fines.  Don't get caught paying their fake fines!  Read more ...

Having difficulty contacting them?

Often, your appeal may be the sort of thing that needs to be discussed person to person. 
Like most private parking companies there is no phone number on the Parking Enforcement Services website.  To talk to a person from Parking Enforcement Services Perth, do the following:
1. Ring Wilson Parking in Perth, Western Australia on 08-9415-2800.
2. Select option 4 (Parking Enforcement Services)
3. Then select option 4 again (All other enquiries)
4. If it goes thru to an answering machine, leave your payment notice number, registration number, and phone number and a brief message.
If you are not able to talk to a person at Parking Enforcement Services WA this way (either they don't return your call, or they will not discuss your issue constructively), then contact:
Ian McLachlan
Business Manager Operations - WA
3/235 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000
If you can't get onto Ian McLachlan using the above, then try messaging him via  linked in
Johnny Smithson,
May 14, 2014, 7:28 PM
Johnny Smithson,
May 14, 2014, 7:28 PM