Do You Want To Serve Me?

In a meeting in Iligan City, the Holy Spirit visited the church, and many people began laughing and crying.

One of the people who fell to the floor under the power of the Spirit was the Pastor's eight-year old son.

Afterwards we asked him about his experience.

He told us he saw a vision in which he was shown two people who died, who had two different destinations.

When the first person in his vision died, the earth seemed to open-up, revealing flames of fire, and the person descended into it.

When the second person died, this person was caught-up into heaven.

"Then Jesus asked me," said the boy, " 'Do you want to be like the person who lived like the world, and then went to hell? or do you want to be like the person who served Me, and then went to heaven?'"

"I will serve you, and then go to heaven," replied the boy to Jesus.

He was only eight years old.

The Bible says that God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh, and when He does, your sons and daughters shall see visions and they shall prophesy.

This is a sign that the Gospel message is all true. Jesus is indeed the Son of God, the Saviour of the world, the soon coming King.

It is a sign that all men must repent and believe in Jesus.

"There is no other name given among men whereby we must be saved but the Name of Jesus".

Repent and believe Him today.