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Work started for the improvement of the face of the NATCOM Website.  As the framework for the website hosted under UNESCO does not provide for audio and video materials, the website has been linked to improve on the content.  Varied and interesting information on our activities are available in:

ISESCO provided funding through its Directorate of External Relations and Co-operation to the National Commission to enable it meet its internet subscriptions, domain name hosting, office equipment and supplies. 




A new  Programme Officer, Mr Ousman Senghore was recruited towards the fourth quarter of the year.  He took over supervision of the UNESCO Clubs and Centres and assists the education desk.


·        Three new staff for the Soma Community Multi-media Centre underwent training in Information and Technology [IT] conducted at the NATCOM by the Web Administrator.  The three youths will administer the internet café and radio station at Soma.



·        Central Co-ordinating Meetings of the Basic and Secondary Education Sector


Staff of the National Commission continued to participate in the quarterly Co-ordinating Committee Meetings [CCM] of the partners and staff of the basic and secondary education sector. Them main features of these meetings are the school monitoring visits of the hosting regional directorate, review of the performance of the different programmes and activities of the sector and making proposals to redress problems.


Promoting ICT and EFA as a tool for Sustainable Development


UNESCO, through its Participation Programme for 2008-09 provided funds for the purchase of equipment for the proposed radio station in Jarra.

A limited tender was sent to suppliers for the purchasing of the radio equipment. Consequently, the lowest bidder was awarded the tender and negotiations were opened for the bid price.


It is envisaged that the administration of the Multi-Media Centre will rest in the hands of the local youths of the area.  It is hoped that public awareness linkages between ICT and Education for All Goals will be created. More developmental information will be available to the community.

Also the CMC will create and enhance more visibility for UNESCO Clubs and Centres countrywide.

Currently the National Commission is on the process of purchasing the radio equipment through its supplier, Broadcast Electronics.


Support for Media Training in The Gambia


The training programmes look at responsible journalism, ethics, government policies, how to manage and handle sensitive information as well as accurate reporting to avoid unnecessary mistakes leading to apologies or rejoinders.

This project seeks to address some of the concerns of the media cadre, the Government and the public through proper and relevant training for not only practising journalists but also those who are aspiring to join the profession.


Media Agenda is implementing the training of journalists countrywide on different media components. The institution is expected to train about 200 journalists on different issues at different levels by the end of March 2009. So far, three training activities have taken place.  One impact envisaged from the training is an improvement of relations between the media, government and the public in addition to increasing awareness of Media Agenda and its training programme.