About FUND

Freethinkers of UND was founded in October of 2011. In our first year on campus our main focus was to have a voice on campus. The Freethinkers of UND provides a community for students, faculty, and community members that value skepticism and open discussion. A majority of our members are non-religious or define themselves as atheist, therefor we do our best to promote a positive environment for people to have discussions they would not likely be able to have elsewhere. As atheism and agnosticism have no dogma, then there is no one correct way to go about being an active student group, so long as our members are respectful towards others. Most Freethinkers in our organization feel that any subject should be open to discussion and criticism, and we will adamantly defend science and skepticism in the realm of religiosity.
UND Freethinkers,
Mar 29, 2012, 7:02 PM