5G & IoT

Cell Tower & Small Cell Locations
  • AntennaSearch.com enables one to enter an address in the U.S., and see a report showing the big macro cell antenna and cell tower installations within a three-mile radius; in some cases, like Boston, it will return only a one-mile radius because there are so many:


  • See also Ookla 5G Map for small cell installations in your area, worldwide:

The Issue
  • The policy paper, Re-Inventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks," details why the U.S. and our communities should instead invest in hard-wired telecommunications infrastructure to support economic growth, bridge the digital divide and diminish risks to security, privacy, public health and the environment.

  • Claire Edwards, retired United Nations editor/trainer, has put together a chronology of 5G push-back happening all over the world, including the U.S.:


  • In 2020 Dr. Lennart Hardell and Dr. Rainer Nyberg published an article in Molecular and Clinical Oncology on governments promoting industry profits to the detriment of human health and the environment. See "Appeals that matter or not on a moratorium on the deployment of the fifth generation, 5G, for microwave radiation":


  • Dr. Hardell also published a paper exemplifying how so-called experts testify at government hearings but have no real expertise in EMF science, may have industry conflicts of interest, and/or fail to do their due diligence in examining the non-industry funded scientific evidence of harm. Dr. Hardell corrects the record on many statements such representatives commonly make to public policy decision-makers:


  • This 98 page report was commissioned, coordinated and published in June 2020 by two Members of the European Parliament – Michèle Rivasi and Klaus Buchner, The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection: Conflicts of interest, corporate capture and the push for 5G:


  • Americans for Responsible Technology and 5G Crisis produced a 5G Space Wars webinar to discuss with experts the planetary impact of thousands of 5G antennas pulsing toxic radiation from the sky:


  • Celestrak.com offers a real-time website tracking the growing atmospheric pollution from active satellites, dead equipment, rocket bodies, debris and more surrounding the earth; the items load after a few seconds; click on the three bars in the top left corner and select Satellite Catalog to see what each dot is and who owns it:


5G Revenue Stream
5G is Not Living Up To Industry Promises

The Science

Legal Issues

In December 2018, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal and Congresswoman Anna Eshoo formally asked Mr. Carr to provide the scientific proof of safety he claims:


Senator Blumenthal held a press conference on 5G technology and his request that the FCC provide proof of safety:


Medical and science journalist and radiofrequency radiation expert B. Blake Levitt shared comments at the above press conference, including the Harvard report indicating the FCC is a "Captured Agency" dominated by the industry it presumably regulates. The transcript of her remarks are as follows:

Cost Analysis
  • IEEE has done the cost analysis and concluded Fiber "Optical access networks are the most energy efficient of the available access technologies." Wireless consumes much more energy than hard-wired fiber optics:


  • The California Department of Finance opposed the 5G S. 649 bill for the following fiscal reasons:


  • Root Cause in the Dramatic Rise of Chronic Disease links chronic illness to peroxynitrite from environmental toxins, at a conservatively estimated cost of $2.5 trillion per year in the U.S.  In this 16-minute lecture, Dr. Martin Pall explains how EMF/RF creates peroxynitrite

  • Bloomberg indicates, "Upgrade to 5G Costs $200 Billion a Year, May Not Be Worth It":


  • Although fiber-optics is better for the country, the industry is trying to block it at the state and municipal level. Millions of Americans have been priced out of, or entirely excluded from, the reach of modern internet networks. Maria Smith, an affiliate of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society and Harvard Law School, created the four-part documentary series Dividing Lines to highlight these stark divides, uncover the complex web of political and economic forces behind them, and challenge audiences to imagine a future in which quality internet access is as ubiquitous as electricity:

Medical Perspective

Reports of Injury
Additional Resources
  • The Environmental Health Trust continually updates information on 5G, and ordinances being put in place by proactive communities:


  • The Institute for Local Self-Reliance provides a Community Network Map of communities investing in their own Internet infrastructure to promote economic prosperity and improve quality of life:


  • Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, put together a presentation that provides guidance on what local municipalities can do to offer some protections for their citizens from 5G pole installations in their community:

  • This website offers insights on what 5G is:

  • San Francisco City Planner Omar Masry wrote this very helpful article for those in California seeking to improve wireless facility zoning ordinances -- this also may help educate/inform other local governments on how to manage these installations and keep up with the latest changes in law:


  • The Huffington Post discusses how AT&T has been manipulating the accounting of its mostly copper-based, state-based, utility networks to force-march customers into wireless service for the home instead of maintaining and upgrading the networks to fiber for residential and business customers—because it makes them more money:


  • Citizens in Huntington, NY demonstrate what the 5G exposures are in their community:

Note: The information provided here is publicly available on the Internet.  
It is intended to provide a starting point to inform you of EMF dangers.  
Please do your own research, draw your own conclusions, and act accordingly to protect those you love.