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Chinese Concentrators' Meeting
The Chinese concentrator's information meeting is held annually to introduce:
(1) The Chinese Program, including its faculty, its history and development, its approach to higher education, its standards, and its goals, processes, and outcomes
(2) the Chinese concentration and its requirements
(3) Honors related to the Chinese concentration
(4) Common career paths for Chinese concentrators based off of statistical analysis starting with the class of 1999.

The annual meeting serves as a platform for the Chinese faculty, concentrators, and prospective concentrators to share information about the concentration and related career paths after graduation.
The Chinese Program, Its Concentration, and Honors, PPT (by De Bao Xu)
The Chinese Concentrator's Career Path since 1999, PPT (by Hong Gang Jin)
Prof. Zhuoyi Wang talks about LinkedIn for Chinese concentrators.

A prospective Chinese concentrator, Amanda Sheff '2014 asks questions.

Chinese concentrator, Zachary Haluzo '2011 give advice to the prospective students.