This event will take place in Oldenburg, Germany as a workshop of Auto UI 2017.

Date: September 24, 2017
Time: 0830 hrs to 1230hrs
Venue: Escherweg 2, 262121, OFFIS, Oldenburg, Germany

Credit: Pixabay

Proposed Schedule

08.30 hrs: Introduction by the organizers

08.40 hrs: Three minutes impulse presentations 

09.15 hrs: Speed dating to identify common interests

09.30 hrs: Development of scenarios where users fail to understand how vehicle automation works

10.15 hrs: COFFEE BREAK

10.30 hrs: Knowledge Café for discussing each scenario and potential outcomes

11.30 hrs: Paper prototyping of interfaces that could mitigate each scenario

12.00 hrs: Share results of prototyping sessions

12.30 hrs: LUNCH