View entire list in a new window, sorted by:

Filter entire list by categories:

  • Click on "define groupings and calculation" to sort and count by category. 
  • Scroll to view entire table (it's very wide), select categories to filter using drop-down.
  • Results may be copied and pasted (select all with CTRL+A, then copy with CTRL+C, paste with CTRL+V) into a text file and then imported into a spreadsheet as a tab-delimited source (note: be sure to delete or not select "define groupings and calculation").

Only categories which are reflected in the database will show in the drop-down list. So, if there are no philosophers whose subject area is Political Philosophy, it will not be an option for you to filter. If there is no data available for sorting, the list will display "All."

Note: you do not need to have a Google account to use these features. However, if you receive a "request timed out" error or are unable to access the list views above, you may need to either fully sign into or out of your Google account.