The purpose of this website was to collect the names and works of philosophers underrepresented in philosophy courses at the undergraduate level, based on a list put together by Helen De Cruz. It is now defunct, as there is a new effort, hosted and put together by the APA.

Please visit the UPDirectory for this directory, described below.

The UPDirectory publicizes information about philosophers who are members of traditionally underrepresented groups in philosophy. The purpose of the directory is to provide an easy-to-use resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the work of philosophers who belong to underrepresented groups within the discipline.

The directory includes information about philosophers who belong to traditionally underrepresented groups in philosophy and who (1) write philosophy in English and (2) have a position researching or teaching philosophy, or (3) have previously held a position in philosophy and are still active in philosophy, or (4) have published an article in a philosophy journal or a book on a philosophy list, or (5) either hold or are working towards a PhD. or M.A. in philosophy and conduct research in philosophy.

For the purposes of the UPDirectory, traditionally underrepresented groups in philosophy are specified by gender, race, disability, and sexual orientation. For a full list of self-identification categories, please use the ‘Self-Identification’ link. Philosophers belonging to these groups can also indicate further self-identification information, such as their socio-economic status, whether they are nonnative English speakers, and so on. While we are aware that there are other categories of underrepresentation or disadvantage within the profession, at this time our focus is on these traditional categories. We are also limiting the list to living philosophers. Inclusion in the directory is primarily a matter of self-entry.

Malcolm Keating
PhD Candidate
University of Texas at Austin