Welcome to The Underground Railroad in the Ohio River Valley site! Presently there is so much interest in the Underground Railroad by teachers and students that we wanted to create a unique way to introduce you to real people, places, and events that actually happened in the Underground Railroad west of the Appalachian Mountains. The Ohio Valley was filled with real people who lead lives that were more exciting than movies, but due to space consideration we regret that we cannot share all of their stories. The primary purpose of this game is to help students to understand the context of the Underground Railroad in the Ohio Valley, the people, events, and land that played a role in the events called the Underground Railroad. From this site you can play and install the game, find supporting curriculum, check sources, learn about the builders of this game, and locate support information about the game.

We understand that there are limits to what we can do in a game: we can never starve you, freeze you, make you sick, make you exhausted, over heat you, or physically hurt you. You will not always like the decisions you make. You will not always have a fun time and there is no guarantee of a happy ending to this game. You will learn about history, geography, and decision making as you progress toward Canada. This game allows you to make the decisions some slaves or freedom seekers had to make to liberate themselves on their journey to freedom.