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Dover Book Shop, New York City, 1945; Gottscho-Schleisner Collection (Library of Congress)

Concordia Publishing

Concordia's Institutional Repository for Undergraduate Research
The goal of Concordia College’s Institutional Repository for Undergraduate Research is to gather, disseminate, and preserve examples of exemplary research of Concordia College students.

March 2010
March 2011
This intercultural journal, written by members of the Concordia community, concentrates on travel, study and experiences abroad.

Essays, Poetry, Fiction & More

Student literary magazine
William Snyder (adviser)

Concordia's Beat

Student produced CD project
Russ Peterson (adviser)

Concordia College Masters Theses
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CTSJ: Journal of Undergraduate Research
Critical Theory and Social Justice        

STOA: The International Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy
"CPE publishes STOA as a forum for celebrating and nurturing the philosophical growth of undergraduate students in addition to providing the general reader with access to a range of quality academic writings from novice philosophers."

The Dualist Undergraduate Journal (Philosophy)
"The Dualist
is a national undergraduate philosophy journal published by
Stanford University undergraduates. Its purpose is to offer students an opportunity to participate in a normally inaccessible part of academic life -- the production and publication of papers for general philosophical readership. Established in 1993, The Dualist has since become the most renowned and prestigious undergraduate philosophy journal in the U.S., featuring thoughtful articles authored by undergraduates around the world."

Episteme (Philosophy)
"Episteme is a student-run journal that aims to recognize and encourage excellence in undergraduate philosophy by providing examples of some of the best work currently being done in undergraduate philosophy programs. Episteme is published under the auspices of Denison University’s Department of Philosophy."

Logos Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy
"Logos is a refereed journal at Cornell University that publishes undergraduate work in all branches and traditions of philosophy. Entirely student-run, undergraduates from around the world are invited to submit papers annually for peer-review."

Aporia (Philosophy)
"Aporia is an undergraduate journal of philosophy at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Aporia is published twice yearly: an online edition in the fall, and a print edition in the spring. The staff of Aporia consists of philosophy students at Brigham Young University."

The Yale Philosophy Review (Undergraduate)
"The Yale Philosophy Review is an annual journal that showcases the best and most original of philosophic thought by undergraduate students, worldwide. The goal of the Review is to promote philosophic discourse of the highest standard, and to bring together a community of young philosophers in both the United States and abroad. Each issue contains a selection of essays on a broad range of philosophic topics, as well as book reviews and interviews of philosophic content."

Young Scholars in Writing: Undergraduate Research in Writing and Rhetoric
"Young Scholars in Writing is intended to be a resource for students engaged in undergraduate research and for scholars who are interested in new advances or theories relating to language, composition, rhetoric, and related fields."

The Oswald Review
"The Oswald Review is a refereed undergraduate journal of criticism and research. Published annually, it accepts submission in the field of English from undergraduates.  A faculty member's endorsement is required."

Sigma Tau Delta Review
"The Sigma Tau Delta Review (founded in 2005) is an annual journal that publishes critical essays on literature, essays on rhetoric and composition, and essays devoted to pedagogical issues."

History Matters: An Undergraduate Journal of Historical Research
"At HISTORY MATTERS, our goal is to publish the best undergraduate historical research possible. In doing so, we would like to provide an opportunity for top undergraduates from a variety of schools to be recognized for their work, familiarize them with the publishing process, and encourage student-faculty collaboration."

"Foundations was founded in 2005 by undergraduates at The Johns Hopkins University. The mission was simple: Fill a glaring void in the scope of historical publications by providing a forum for undergraduates undertaking substantive research to publish their findings."

Allegheny Review
"One of America's few nationwide literary magazines dedicated exclusively to undergraduate works of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and art. Published annually, the periodical showcases some of the best literature the nation's undergraduates have to offer."

The Cortland Review
TCR considers poetry, prose, essays, translations, book reviews.  Editorial decisions are based on content and quality. 

Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics
"Essays are invited from postgraduate students on any topic in philosophical aesthetics, within analytic, continental and historical approaches."

Mathematics & Sciences

Journal of Undergraduate Research
(U.S. Dept. of Energy: Office of Science)

Impulse: an Undergraduate Journal for Neuroscience
IMPULSE is the first international, online neuroscience journal for undergraduate publications.

Caltech Undergraduate Research Journal
"CURJ is Caltech's award-winning undergraduate research journal, dedicated to highlighting the accomplishments of the numerous undergraduates conducting research at Caltech during the SURF program and throughout the academic year."

Furman University Electronic Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics
"The Furman University Electronic Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics is an online-only journal designed to encourage undergraduate research in the field of mathematics. Its online nature allows quick publishing of mathematics papers, giving undergraduate students an opportunity to see their work published prior to their graduation."

Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal
"The Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal is devoted entirely to papers written by undergraduates on topics related to mathematics."

Journal of Undergraduate Research in Physics
"JURP is devoted to archiving research conducted by undergraduate students in physics and its related fields, and is a vehicle for the exchange of ideas and information by undergraduate students."

Journal of Undergraduate Sciences
"The Journal of Undergraduate Sciences is the nation’s premiere peer review scientific journal dedicated to original research done by undergraduates and high school students. Written and published by students for students, we publish articles in a wide variety of fields, ranging from Astronomy to Zoology."

Journal of Young Investigators
"The Journal of Young Investigators (JYI) is an exciting student-led initiative to broaden the scope of the undergraduate scientific experience. JYI provides opportunities for students to participate in the scientific review and publication processes, primarily through the operation of its peer-reviewed journal for undergraduates."

Psi Chi Journal of Undergraduate Research
"The Psi Chi Journal of Undergraduate Research is an international, fully reviewed, quarterly journal dedicated to the publication of undergraduate student research. The twofold purpose of the journal is to foster and reward the scholarly efforts of undergraduate psychology students as well as to provide them with a valuable learning experience."

Catalyst: Rice Undergraduate Science and Engineering Review
"We provide an avenue for students to share their thoughts and ideas about scientific innovations in the form of articles that are published annually."

Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research
"The Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research is a new peer review journal that will be published quarterly with papers of original research performed by undergraduates. Authorship may be by the student or their professor."

Stanford Undergraduate Research Journal
SURJ is an interdisciplinary journal published annually that seeks to provoke curiosity and intellectual exploration across both the Stanford community and at leading institutions nationwide.

Business & International Affairs

Journal for Global Business and Community
"The Journal for Global Business and Community is a multidisciplinary e-journal dedicated to serving those participating in and affected by the global economy."

Issues in Political Economy
"Now in its 18th volume, the Journal was founded on the belief that the best way to learn economics is to do economics. Through the process of research, writing, and peer review, students actively engage the discipline in a way not possible by simply listening to lectures and reading textbooks."

Undergraduate Economic Review
"The UER is an online journal that promotes high quality original undergraduate economic research by publishing student authored research from around the world."

International Affairs Journal
"The International Affairs Journal at UC Davis was founded in the winter of 2005, and is a student-run academic journal that strives to connect the academic world through scholarly papers in order to spread awareness, start conversations and spark curiosity about the international issues that are facing our world today."

The Dialectics
"The Dialectics: Journal of Leadership, Politics, and Society, a refereed, multidisciplinary online journal devoted to scholarship and discourse, is currently accepting high quality essays on issues of public importance."

Columbia University Journal of Politics & Society
The Journal of Politics & Society is the premier undergraduate academic publication in the social sciences. Founded in 1989, JPS is published by Columbia University based Helvidius Group

Undergraduate Journals & Publications

CUR Learning Through Research
This page of the Council on Undergraduate Research site provides an extensive list of journals and other publications which encourage submissions by undergraduates who have done research in various disciplines.

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"As a convenience to HHMI scientists and their collaborators around the world, the Institute has created a searchable resource with information about the policies and author responsibilities for a large number of high-impact journals."  (Smaller publications for UR may not appear in this database, but this database serves to make publishing policies more transparent.)

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