Executive Board


Brielle Franklin


Class of 2012
Majoring in psychology with a minor in nutrition

My research interests lie primarily in abnormal and positive psychology.

  Rivky Mondal   

   I am a sophomore with a minor in Psychology. My interests lie in social                 psychology, specifically in couple's counseling and hetero-relationship dynamics.

Academic Chair                 
Mark Kaltenbach

Class of 2012
Psychology Major, History Minor

My current focus is on judgment and decision-making.  In the past, I have studied the psychology of bankruptcy and the effects of environmental "nudges" on food selection.

Vivian Chow       


Class of 2012
Psychology Major, Pre-Med student

My interests lie in psychopathology and cognitive neuroscience. I currently work in the Center for Autism Research, where I am helping conduct research on anxiety in autistic children.


Jessica Yi       

Class of 2013
Psychology major, pre-med student

I am predominantly interested in psychopathology and am currently conducting research in anxiety and depression.

Publicity Chair
Jonathan Oxman       


Class of 2012
Majoring in Psychology and Economics

I am interested in the fields of Behavioral Economics, as well as, the intersection of Social Psychology and Law.

Social Chair
Grady Williams


Class of 2012
Majoring in Psychology with a minor in French Studies

My research interests include social and evolutionary psychology.