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Wietn Wito


Julie Jigsaw was recognized as having a natural talent, and Kurt Dahlke introduced her to two friends of his, Frank Samba (drums) and Wietn Wito (bass), who became the other two members of Ja Ja Ja.  They had a jam session during their first night together, where Julie sang improvised lyrics; she also played harmonica, percussion and trumpet.  The best parts were edited into their first single "Die Wahrheit" ("The Truth"), which appeared on a 1982 German compilation album called Alles oder Nichts ("All or Nothing"). 
The poems Julie Jigaw wrote in Germany and others that she had previously written in New York became the lyrics for the band's songs, and she also wrote most of the melodies.  However, she generously shared the songwriting credits three ways with the other two bandmembers.  Thus, when Wietn Wito told her that he was going to take the band in a progressive-jazz direction with new songs he had written and then tried to dictate what she would play and sing from then on, she became disillusioned and moved back to New York in 1983. 
With American bass player Billy Grant replacing WitoJa Ja Ja toured again for a short time in about 1984; but it was difficult since Frank Samba was still in Germany, and apparently they did not release any more records. 
Looking back on the band, Julie Jigsaw wrote in 2011:  "Ja Ja Ja is a group full of joy and emotional struggles, perfection and experimentation, space and time.  The combination of our souls and skills sometimes created fields of virtually metaphysical intensity and magnitude.  [Wietn] Wito told me he saw colors rise from his bass into the air and go out into the audience.  Our music has prevailed with your help, beloved listener.  Thank you for your inspirational energy and your enthusiasm through the decades."
(February 2012)