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I didn't wake up one day and instantly know how to design a speaker.  No!  I had to actually learn how to build one first, which is a big undertaking in and of itself.  These are postmortems of projects I've built that were other people's designs.  I wrote these to try to journal the unique challenges (and reactions) I experienced along the way, and the joys of the final products.

     the mesmerizing Cinderellas (05/2007)

- This is a postmortem of the challenges and things I learned while building the Curt C/Wayne W design.  Excellent value for $250, and extremely high Spouse Approval Factor due to sexy, sleek, modern design.


the ubiquitous Dayton III (12/2006)

- This is a postmortem of my first speaker building endeavor, which was such a resounding success.  Designed by Wayne J, they were my gateway drug to DIY speakers.  Some may dis them for lack of detail in the midrange; but I still find them to be an excellent value and a lot of fun to listen to!