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"One needle prick to you and your future life partner, will save your child from getting a thousand pricks."


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"Thalassemia is getting very common in India. Anyone could be a thalassemia minor without any visible symptoms. EVEN YOU could be a thalassemia minor. But you can protect your child from being thalassemia major by getting yourself and your future life partner tested. HbA2 is the name of the test."  

"One needle prick to you and your to be life partner will save your child from getting a thousand pricks".


What Is Thalassemia?
(also known as Mediterranean anemia, or Cooley's Anemia) is a genetic blood disease. People born with this disease cannot make normal hemoglobin (anemia) which is needed to produce healthy red blood cells. So, a thalassemic major has to take blood transfusions every 15-20 days.

Who carries Thalassemia?
People of Chinese, South Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean or African origin.

What is Thalassemia Major?
What is Thalassemia Major? (<-- Link)

Do you carry Thalassemia?
Many people from the areas of the world where thalassemia is common carry the gene for it on one chromosome (that is, they have thalassemia minor). You may believe that your blood has been tested for this specific gene but testing for thalassemia requires a special blood test. To be tested your doctor must order a blood test called HEMOGLOBIN ELECTROPHORESIS which can identify a carrier of thalassemia.

If you, your parents or ancestors are from an area of the world where thalassemia is common, PLEASE REQUEST hemoglobin electrophoresis blood test from your doctor.

It is important to identify yourself as a possible carrier of thalassemia (thalassemia minor). A person with thalassemia minor has a 25%(1 in 4) chance of having a baby with THALASSEMIA MAJOR if his/her mate also has thalassemia minor.

How do you inherit Thalassemia?
If both parents carry thalassemia minor, their children may have thalassemia minor, or they may have completely normal blood, or they may have thalassemia major. In each pregnancy there is a one in four (25%) chance that their child will have normal blood, a two in four (50%) chance that the child will have thalassemia minor or a one in four (25%) chance that the child will have thalassemia major.

How can we prevent Thalassemia?
Please share the information on this website with others. Show it to your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers or anyone who has origins from areas where thalassemia is common. Be sure to ask your doctor to test you for thalassemia minor. Increased awareness is the key.

Does a cure exist?

Bone Marrow Transplant is a way out of getting rid from Thalassemia, but the treatment itself costs 10-12 lacs of Rupees. And there isn't any surety that the Thalassemic child will be cured even if the transplant is successful. If the transplant is unsuccessful, the patient may die or become a Thalassemic Major again, and will continue getting Blood Transfusions for rest of his life.

A cure needs to be found. Please do your part by spreading the awareness. Because 'Awareness is the only Cure for eradicating Thalassemia from Our Country; Our World'

PLEASE REQUEST HEMOGLOBIN ELECTROPHORESIS blood test from your doctor. "One needle prick to you and your to be life partner will save your child from getting a thousand pricks".

Any queries, doubts on Thalassemia, please feel free to ask. And share this piece of knowledge with your friends, relatives, family members.