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First there was life, but before we could taste it Thalassemia came and took over. Days, weeks, months, years started revolving around Thalassemia. But we walked on, often stumbling, falling, too often finding ourselves on the very brink. We kept on striving, looking ahead, enjoying the moments of happiness and dreaming of the future, even though we knew that there might not be any future at all. And that is a thing worth celebrating. So come together and lets celebrate our life, no matter how it is; lets celebrate our victories, our achievements; lets celebrate ourselves!

This is a website of, for & by Thalassemics. All the non-thalassemics are welcome to gain knowledge about Thalassemia. "Awareness is the only cure for Thalassemia." So come on people, lets join hands together and lets eradicate thalassemia from our Country; our World.


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