Siren Growl Test Friday, June 15

posted Jun 25, 2012, 11:24 AM by Kevin Madsen

On Friday, June 15 at 3 p.m., UNCW will conduct a growl test of the Seahawk Warning Siren System. A growl is a short activation of the five campus sirens that lasts approximately 30 seconds at a partial volume. This test will help ensure that the sirens are working properly.


No action will be required when the growl sound is heard during a test. The Seahawk Warning Siren System is an outdoor emergency warning tool and may not be audible inside all university buildings. If the siren sounds in an actual emergency, immediately take shelter indoors, seek further information and wait for an all-clear notification.
In a real emergency, emergency notifications may be sent in conjunction with the siren. To sign up to receive emergency notifications on your phone:

1.      Log into mySeaPort.

2.      Scroll down and click "Register to Receive UNCW Emergency Texts" in the left-hand navigation.

3.      Provide/update personal contact information.

4.      Click “Submit.”

For more information on the Seahawk Warning Siren System, visit