Emergency Communication Tools

Below are descriptions of tools UNCW may utilize during an emergency situation. The use of each of these tools will vary based on the nature, duration and severity of an emergency.

  • Siren Blast: The Seahawk Siren System is an outdoor warning system consisting of two strategically-placed campus sirens. The system may be used when the majority of the UNCW community needs to shelter in place during an extreme emergency.

    Act immediately when you hear the siren:
    1. Seek shelter indoors. Close windows and doors
    2. Seek information from UNCW sources of communication. Information will be posted to the UNCW Web site as soon as possible.
    3. Wait for an “all clear” siren or message.
    You may hear the tones at: http://www.uncw.edu/ba/safety/siren.html.
  • Emergency Information Hotline:
    Up-to-date information on a campus emergency can be accessed via hotline locally at 910.962. 3991 or toll free at 888.657.5751.
  • Mass Email: The university may transmit simultaneous blast e-mails to all students, faculty and staff campus email boxes. During an emergency, it is vital that university community members monitor their e-mails for updates and instructions.
  • UNCW Alert Emergency Information Website: Situation updates, instructions, emergency policies and related information will be maintained on this site during an emergency: www.uncw.edu/alert
  • Emergency Alert Text and Voice Messaging: Up to 140 characters of text or a voice message can be disseminated to the cell phones of students, faculty and staff. Mass text or voice messages will not be sent in every emergency situation. In order for text and voice messaging to be effective, students, faculty and staff must provide the university with their cell phone numbers and keep these numbers updated if they change. This information will be kept confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than emergency notifications and periodic testing of the emergency messaging system. To sign up for UNCW Alert messages:

    1. Log into mySeaPort

    2. Scroll down and click "Register to Receive UNCW Emergency Texts" in the left-hand navigation

    3. Provide/update personal contact information

    4. Click “Submit”

  • University Homepage: News updates and an emergency information banner may be added to the UNCW homepage in an emergency situation.  In addition, emergency information may be posted to @UNCW and other appropriate university Web sites.
  • Cable TV Interruption Message: All campus cable television channels may be commandeered for the purpose of alerting the campus community. Any alert message will be audible and in text form, and may direct viewers to other sources for up-to-date information.