UNCW Emergency Communication

In the event of an emergency, UNCW utilizes a number of communication tools to share vital information with the campus community. The tools include:
o    UNCW home page: http://www.uncw.edu
o    UNCW Alert website
o    UNCW Alert hotline: 910.962.3991 or toll free at 888.657.5751
o    UNCW Facebook
o    UNCW Twitter
o    Mass campus emails
o    Campus entrance marquee
o    Local media outlets
Additional Tools for Urgent Situations
o    Seahawk Warning siren system
o    UNCW Alert mass phone calls and/or text messages for faculty, staff and students:
o    To receive UNCW Alert messages, log onto mySeaport, scroll down the left side navigation and click “Register to Receive UNCW Emergency Texts.”
o    Provide/update your phone number and/or email address. Click “submit.”

Active Shooter Drill Scheduled August 7 for Campus Life Staff

The University Police Department, Department of Campus Life, Environmental Health and Safety, the Counseling Center and the UNCW Bookstore will be involved in an active shooter drill on Friday, August 7 between 8 a.m. and noon. The Fisher Student Center will be closed to the public during this time and Campus Life employees will be directing traffic away from the building. Please expect increased activity in the area and the presence of scenario participants and UNCW Police. 

Note: The university does not plan to activate the Seahawk Warning Siren System or distribute mass text messages, voice mails or emails during the exercise.