UNCW Emergency Communication

In the event of an emergency, UNCW utilizes a number of communication tools to share vital information with the campus community. The tools include:
o    UNCW home page: http://www.uncw.edu
o    UNCW Alert website
o    UNCW Alert hotline: 910.962.3991 or toll free at 888.657.5751
o    UNCW Facebook
o    UNCW Twitter
o    Mass campus emails
o    Campus entrance marquee
o    Local media outlets
Additional Tools for Urgent Situations
o    Seahawk Warning siren system
o    UNCW Alert mass phone calls and/or text messages for faculty, staff and students:
o    To receive UNCW Alert messages, log onto mySeaport, scroll down the left side navigation and click “Register to Receive UNCW Emergency Texts.”
o    Provide/update your phone number and/or email address. Click “submit.”